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Popplet is a mind mapping tool used by organizations and individuals to manage and generate ideas. It is also helpful for schools and students, allowing them to learn better with a visualize platform. Since the software is very easy to use, students can easily use it to capture data, thoughts, and images and create connections. Working professionals can use Popplet to jot down notes, and thoughts and make better decisions.

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Popplet Quick Info

Quick Intro about Popplet

Education has been upgrading itself with the latest technology. Day by day, we can explain complicated stuff to kids easily using interactive technology. There are many products in the market that enable teachers to take the lead in learning by interactive graphics.

Among such interactive education products, Popplet allows the kids to make interactive presentations, from lower elementary standards to high school subjects.

The interface is made for introductory presentation and learning use. It can be accessed from iPads and iPhones. It is offered by Notion Inc., which also has a note making and collaboration app.

Popplet Features

Popplet is a classic app that can be used in both schools and offices to create a simple informative presentation with pictures, charts, project plans, and notes.

The version for school and offices are same. Instead, it depends on the user’s maturity level how they will get the best of this app.

It is used for various educational and business stuff like class notes, project concepts, brainstorming, mind mapping, illustrations, activity charts, scrapbooks, etc.

It supports unlimited local storage in the form of notes, texts, images, and drawing tools. We can link each text box, images, and other objects with each other using a simple line.

It has even adapted for PDF and JPG format, along with multi-lingual translation. It also offers real-time collaboration, VGA support, and also cloud editing on its website.

The UI for operating merely includes double-tapping on the canvas and adding texts, images, and even add videos from Facebook, Flickr, or YouTube. The drawing tool can be used to make sketches or diagrams.

These files can be saved in image or PDF format. Later on, students can refer them from the stored location. Time-warp is another cool feature in it which shows the process timeline of the designed project.


Overall, Popplet is a perfect tool with minimalist operation skills, used for educational purposes. With so many features at a mere price of $4.99, it can endure most classroom facilities, offices, and students, for all types of interactive notes and presentations.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Brainstorming & Mind Mapping
  • Online Web Interface
  • Diagrams & Process Charts
  • Recording Journals
  • Recording Notes & Lists
  • Mood Boards
  • Travel Plans
  • Presentations Creation
  • Photo Albums
  • Boundless Boards
  • Pan & Zoom,Multiple Language Supported
  • PDF & JPEG Exporting
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • VGA Display Supported
  • iOS Application

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