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Postcron is a web based software that provides an online platform which works alongside other social media channels. It provides the advantage of managing of numerous social media profiles and accounts with the help of modern technology and a unique algorithm. Users can even reign control the over the post timings, as scheduling the posts helps them gain even more coverage.

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Postcron Quick Info

Why use Postcron?

Postcron provides a one stop dashboard from which users can control their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and various other social media platforms. The software allows its users to post pictures within real time, or they can even choose the option of timing and scheduling their posts for future, even in batches. This feature lets the users relax as the software automatically posts the scheduled photographs or content without needing any manual handling by the user.

Postcron allows users to manage multiple social media accounts of different applications, via the use of one single screen, helping you save time and empowering you with efficient management of your social media reach. This makes sure that you only focus on what’s necessary to improve your reach, while the software looks after the simpler tasks. 

Who uses Postcron?

The Postcron software is primarily used by brands, businesses and agencies which focus on having an effective and wide online presence, which helps them to get across a wider and more diverse set of audiences, all across the globe. Clients can also use the data provided by the application to accurately analyze their social media reach.

The software has been built keeping in mind the needs for achieving growth via an expansive digital and social media presence, that is necessary for any modern day brand which wishes to appeal itself upon the more enthusiastic and younger generations. Postcron also keeps its users updated and aware on the latest internet trends, making sure that the clients never miss an opportunity to increase and improve their social media presence.

Increased traffic

Postcron provides a unique platform where its users can improve their sales numbers and allow for smoother and more efficient management of social media traffic, which is generated by fans and followers. The increased traffic in turn means a better social media presence and marketing reach amongst followers and fans.


The Postcron mobile application allows users access to all of their social media accounts under one dashboard, at the comfort of a single touch at the palm of their hands. Available for Android, iOS and Windows platforms, the software is a necessity for brand owners and content creators, because they benefit from the wide reach, scheduling and maximization of numbers that it provides, across the large number of social media platforms.

Company Information

Company Name: Postcron

Founded In: 2011

Twitter ID: PostcronPT

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