PostfityTM is a powerful Social media Marketing software which provides tools to boost the company’s marketing. It helps in more efficient working by reducing the total time spent on media. We can manage our various social networks, engage our audience and even schedule various posts as and when required.

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Postfity Quick Info

In the demanding market prevalent today, companies need to carry out their marketing strategies and operations in an effective manner using various software. PostfityTM provides us with essential tools and services required for our business to boost our marketing strategies in a very effective manner. It is thus, a must-have tool for any business. 


Best software available 


The software helps us to analyse and also schedule our various social media with the post scheduler feature. We can easily and effectively track the audience and we can engage them with content at the right time. The advanced analytics tools help in providing great insights which help achieve targets effectively. We can also add many social media accounts into a single and very user-friendly platform. By just launching the app, we can link up to 200 users and manage them effectively. We can effectively schedule posts for a week in a very short period easily.


Essential tools and services   


The software allows us to access various accounts from one place. We can easily schedule posts of Facebook, pictures on Instagram, posts on LinkedIn, tweets on Twitter and publications on VKontakte with the efficient scheduler for posts. We can easily set the time at which we need the post published and the application does the publication very effectively. We can even manage various functions easily. The software helps schedule and post as and when required. These publications can also be done instantly using the software. The software

also provides various tools which enable automation.


Powerful features for any business


The software houses a built-in recommendation system for contents which helps to obtain various posts on interests daily. We can add various page covers and the software posts them effectively at the right hours and without any delay. The software also analyses and provides proper insights on the media which help track various data types like comments and shares. We can also collaborate with our teams to plan and schedule queues effectively.  


The software uses an in-built editor which can be used to adjust and edit whenever required effectively. Thus, the essential tools and features provided by PostfityTM make it a necessity for any business to reduce the expense and also increase profitability.

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