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Pressidium is a managed Wordpress hosting that offers you a fast, secure and reliable platform for your Wordpress website/s. The service is integrated with many features and tools to ensure highest performance of each hosted website. Some of its features include auto-updates, end-to-end managed security, automatic malware removal, expert support, full chroot environment, Enterprise-grade FT Scale-out design, automated backups, dynamic load balancing, CDN & Geo DNS support and many more.

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Top Features

Reliability and Uptime
  • Highly Availability of Architecture
  • Automagic Scalability
  • Automatic Data Backups
  • Staging Sites
  • Managing Full Server
  • Managing DevOps
  • Managing Auto-updates
  • Full Managed Security
  • Managing Auto-updates
  • Monitoring Malware
  • Removing Malware
  • Managing Firewall
  • Filtering Bad-bots
  • Locking-down Enviroment
  • Accessing SFTP
  • Dynamic Load Balance
  • HA SSD Storage
  • Multilayer Adaptive Cache
  • Geo DNS Support
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Optimize PHP
  • Acceleration of SSL
Customer Portal
  • Instant Data Backups
  • Usage Statistic Dashboards
  • Histories of Invoices
  • Help-Panel & Ticket Integration
  • One-click Deployment Staging
  • Log Viewing Integration
  • PHPMyAdmin Integration
  • Managing Cache

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Company Name: TechIO Limited

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