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Pritunl is a free, open-source VPN client available for various platforms, including Linux, Windows, and macOS. It helps users to connect to OpenVPN servers for zero cost. Easily add or remove custom VPN profiles by importing its configuration files or using the URI from Pritunl servers. With dynamic VPC routing and AWS support, Printunl is feature-rich but still a simple and easy alternative to other VPN providers.

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Pritunl Quick Info

VPN software is used to view restricted content by bypassing regional and internet service provider configuration and blocks. It essentially unlocks a part of the internet that users are forbidden to access – like content targeted towards a specific group of people at a particular geographical location and makes it possible for us to watch those content. Pritunl is a free VPN service that can connect to OpenVPN and enable secure web browsing.

Anonymity guaranteed

Pritunl does not store logs regarding your connections, browsing, or download history. It acts as an add-on to the system's native VPN service. It is as secure as your VPN provider. As it ensures proper anonymity over the internet based on OpenVPN, it is very safe and easy to use.

Well documented

Pritunl has a well-documented FAQ section and knowledge base from where you can set up a variety of VPN services. There are clear instructions on how setup AWS over Pritunl, Oracle, or configuring it for Ubiquity systems. Everything you wanted to know regarding the service is accessible from the knowledgebase.

Setting up connections to Google Cloud Platform or Amazon AWS has never been this accessible via the native interface on platforms like Windows and macOS.

Easy installation

You can set up a native system-wide VPN service using Pritunl by just downloading it and configuring the URI of the service provider. The app itself is a 60MB file that needs a MongoDB database to be created on your computer. Users can connect to managed MongoDB database called MongoDB Atlas, and also to Wireguard VPN servers.

Connections are secured using different protocols and safety features, including SHA512-HMAC authentication, NaCl Asymmetric key authentication, and client RSA-4096 authentication.

Bandwidth optimization and load balancing

Both the server and client need to encrypt and decrypt traffic sent over VPN connections. Encryption takes time to process entirely, so an AES-NI compliant CPU based system is recommended. Most Intel CPUs support this new standard, so it is easy to start. If both the CPUs of server and client support AES-NI, the connections can reach speeds up to 100Mbps.

Pritunl features efficient load balancing configurations that can be set up to direct all traffic to HTTPS connections and proxy the data to ensure faster speeds and minimum server load.

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