By: ProcessMaker Inc.

ProcessMaker BPM and workflow software has been designed for businesses to eliminate paperwork, automate workflow processes, to reduce the gap between systems and people, and to perform full scale business process management. ProcessMaker’s easy-to-use, drag-and-drop based interface allows business analysts to design approval-based workflows in minutes. Users can easily work with form-drive processes. Managers can check performance reports and make informed decisions to improve business performance.

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15 Alternatives

Top ProcessMaker Alternatives

ProcessMaker Quick Info

ProcessMaker, established in the year 2000, is a workflow solution and intelligent business process management software that helps ease business workflow processes and progressively improve them. Headquartered in Durham, USA, ProcessMaker was first released as an open-source version in 2008. It is now well recognized and has even been awarded several times for its BPM software solutions.

The functional importance of BPM

BPM software is extremely important for any business enterprise because it can generously help business administrators in gaining a better insight into the workflow processes which in turn improves enterprise performance. It is a sort of necessary discipline to be invariably followed by a company in its continual processes, be it modeling, optimizing, measuring, analyzing or even automating the standard methods.

ProcessMaker is unique in its low-code solution for any workflow, be it design, information handling or HR. Little to no coding experience is needed to design and automate processes for any office or department. White-label license and OEM are a great way to partner up with ProcessMaker as they provide embedded solutions to your applications and help you re-vamp and customize the solution software to provide a robust UX.

Complete digital transformation

ProcessMaker helps organizations to turn paperless. In this new era of automation, there is no scope for human errors in the possible ways of filing applications and data entry on the paper. ProcessMaker helps enterprises to completely digitize all processes and automate enterprise processes, typically making them robust in use and easy to adapt to. The APIs provided further help in easy customization and successful application. Any modern industry can benefit from Processmaker from Education sectors, Banking and insurance to healthcare, government, and tech giants.

Additionally, the low code iBPMS offered by ProcessMaker is of agile methodology and hence provides a quick process cycle and functional outputs. The processes and innovative solutions uniquely designed are also reusable and portable making it an all-round solution for all departments of any architecture. This also aids in needed transparency and adequate security across diverse departments.

Other great options

RPA Bots by ProcessMaker give automation of workflows a robotic touch that they provide with the help of successful RPA vendors. OCR and ICR bots help digitize and concert paper works into metadata, which can then be securely stored in ProcessMakers built-in DMS. They also allow seamless integration with other popular third-party DMS systems for ease of storage.


Processmaker, with its multi-language support, is the first choice for most leading companies with ERP, CRM or BPMS solution and automation needs across the globe. With its state of the art, easy to use user interface, robust workflow designing and creative solutions, ProcessMaker is the go-to BPM solution software for any enterprise.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Process Designer
  • Responsive Form Designe
  • Output Document Builder
  • Advanced Dashboard
  • Events Manager
  • Managing Users
  • User Portal
  • Simple Reports
  • Business Rules
  • Advanced Active Directory
  • Windows Single Sign-on
  • Outlook Client
  • Custom Case Lists
  • Actions by Email
  • External Registration Wizard
  • Monitoring SLAs
  • Multiple File Uploader
  • Power Up Functions
  • Batch Routing
  • Multiple SendMail Addresses
  • Monitoring FTP
  • Managing User-Based Timezone
  • Managing User-Based Language
Programming & Performance
  • PHP Functions
  • JavaScript Functions & Methods
  • Multi-tenant Manager
  • Managing Database
  • Archiving & Restoring Case
  • Performance Monitoring Dashboard
  • Android & iOS Application
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Finger Signature
  • Real-time Google Maps
  • Photo & Video Attachment
  • Audio Attachment
Security & Scalability
  • Code Security Scanner
  • User Passwords Security
  • Advanced Audit Logs
  • Promotion Manager

Company Information

Company Name: ProcessMaker Inc.

Founded In: 2000

Address: 222 Broadway 22nd Floor, New York, New York, USA

Facebook ID: processmaker

Twitter ID: processmaker