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Provides one of the best and most comprehensive writing tools for any type of writers, with lots of features to enhance your writing. Plagiarism checker is included to keep your writing unique.



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Good: Allows you to edit your text faster with thousands of style improvements, with an accurate grammar and spelling checker tool. It learns as you edit, and it is available in multiple platforms.

Bad: The plagiarism checking tool is only available in the most expensive plan, with only yearly and lifetime payment options available. The free version has a word limit for editing, and it is available online only.

ProWritingAid is a professional writing and editing tool provided by Orpheus Technology, a company based in Oxford, United Kingdom. The software helps any type of writers to enhance their writing and ensures that their writing is unique. It is available as a web application, desktop software, browser extension, API, and third-party integration.

Faster Editing With Style Improvement And Style Issue Fixing

The ProWritingAid software offers a faster editing process when compared to similar software, simply because it has a more advanced editing tools built into the software. When you use this software, you can find the words that you need to edit almost immediately, and you can begin editing each word quickly as well. Not only that, it comes with the style improvement suggestion that gives thousands of suggestions related to your writing style. Also, when it comes to the style issue, you can fix any mistake in your writing style to make your writing easier to read.

Remove Spelling And Grammatical Errors With Embedded Thesaurus

As with any regular writing editor software, you can find the usual spelling and grammatical checker tool in this software. The difference between this software and the other similar software is that the grammar checker tool instantly analyzes your text and thoroughly find any spelling and grammatical errors in your writing. Also, you can add any unknown words into the dictionary, so that it no longer recognizes it as a grammar or spelling error in your writing. Moreover, there is a thesaurus function that gives you suggestions for similar words, so that you can use more word variations in your writing.

Learn Your Own Writing Mistakes And Prevent Similar Mistakes In The Future

There is a feature in ProWritingAid that allows you to improve your writing over time. The more you write and edit your writing using this software, the more you become proficient in your writing. With the reports that are provided by the software, you can learn the writing mistakes that you have made, so that you can prevent the same mistakes in the future. This editing tool is very good in pointing various common mistakes in your writing and helps you to remove your bad writing habits gradually.

Available In Various Platforms With Third-Party Integration

The good thing about this software is that it is not only available as a desktop software, like the other similar editing tools out there, but it is also available in various platforms. Thanks to the third-party integration, you can use this software on various devices that you have. You can install it on Windows and Mac as a standalone software. You can also install the browser extension for the Chrome browser. Also, you can integrate this software with your current word processing applications, such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. Additionally, the web-based version is available freely for everyone to use, which have certain limitations.

Extensive Writing Reports And Plagiarism Checker Tool

While other editing tools only provide mostly the grammar and spelling checker tool, the ProWritingAid software is much more than that. It’s not just a tool that checks your grammatical and spelling mistakes. But, it’s also a tool that helps improve your writing in all aspects. The extensive writing reports that it provide for the users help you analyze your writing mistakes, readability, style, sentence length, and so on. Coupled with the plagiarism checker tool, your writing can not only become better, but also you can ensure that it is unique and free from any plagiarism.


ProWritingAid is the editing software that every writer needs to have, simply because it helps them to become a better writer. Not only it deals with the writing mistakes that you have made, but it also deals with your overall writing quality. This software not only removes all your grammatical and spelling mistakes, but it also helps improve your writing style in all aspects. The result is that you can make your writing more high quality, easier to read, unique, and free from any errors. It makes your writing worth to publish and read.

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