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Publer is a web-based application that provides its users with an online platform that works alongside other social media channels. It allows users to manage numerous social media profiles and accounts with the help of modern technology and a unique algorithm. Users can even opt to choose the timings of their posts with this app.

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Publer Quick Info

Publer provides its users with a one-stop dashboard from which users can control their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and various other social media platforms. The software allows its users to post pictures within real-time, or they can even choose the option where the posts are scheduled and timed according to the needs and requirements of the users. This feature lets the users relax as the software automatically posts the scheduled photographs or content without needing any manual handling by the user.

Publer allows its users to manage numerous social media accounts of different applications under one single dashboard, where all the social media accounts are available for easy access. This unique feature helps the users save up on time so that they can focus more on what matters, that is, the content.

Daily post limit

The Publer software comes attached with an innovative daily post limit feature that is aimed at improving the content that is posted on the social media channels.  It has been put in place in a way that content from an account does not end up spamming the social media feeds of other users, which can eventually prove to be harmful to reach.

Although the current daily post limit is sufficient for healthy account growth and reach, news and journalism based profiles are given higher limits because of the nature of their posts.

Prompt customer support

Customers can contact the ever responsive customer service officials via the Facebook powered chat platform, or can even approach via e-mails and through all sorts of social media channels. The customer support is always eager and ready to lend a helping hand to the users of the platform.


The Publer application allows user to have access to all of their social media accounts together in one single platform. Moreover, with features like scheduled posts, the grouping of accounts and the calendar view mode, users get to take advantage of one of the most advanced social media management software that is available in the market today.

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