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PureChat offers live chat technologies for SMBs by making simple real-time support applications that are Android and iOS friendly. Their customizable profile pages allows visitors on your website to being a private live chat, so they can connect to discuss product queries, set up a meeting and get issues resolved without going through long email procedures or telephone conversations.

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15 Alternatives

Top PureChat Alternatives

PureChat Quick Info

In this fast running technical world, it is essential to stay connected to the people around you through fast means of communication. A faster communication is very much needed if you are a business person to stay in touch with your clients and customers and to know what’s happening around you. Phone calls are becoming disruptive and writing an email is too tiring and is slow. There may be certain circumstances where you cannot rely on slower means of communication as it might affect your business. You therefore need a tool or software through which you can win the hearts of your customers and clients and influence your website visitors.


Having a live chat is more fast, personal and influential. The visitors of your websites would be familiar with messaging family and friends. You give them a chance to chat live with your team and you. Pure Chat is one such amazing software where you can live chat with your customers and track the visitors of your websites.

Purechat is a free live chat software designed to provide an organic chatting experience to visitors to increase customer engagement. Purechat is designed for entrepreneurs and large organizations alike and helps them eliminate high operator costs while still providing competitive customer support. Since its foundation in 2012, the company has accumulated over 14,000 users in 150+ countries making it a strong partner.

One of the unique selling points of Purechat is its simplicity and ease of use. The service can be easily set up and integrated into an existing website by using plugins. Live Chat is highly customizable, and customers can easily change all aspects of the chat widget using a robust editor that works on both desktop and mobile. The service is regularly updated and Purechat keeps adding innovative features to make the product better. Strong customer support is part of Purechat’s DNA, and it provides a dedicated support team with real-time support to its customers making it the best value.

Key Features

Purechat has a long feature list with several intuitive features. The free service provides access to up to 3 operators which can be extended to unlimited using paid plans. Unlimited chats are also included for free. One major feature is the ability to add pre-programmed canned responses that can quickly answer frequently asked questions thus ensuring prompt responses for businesses.

Unlimited chat history transcripts allow businesses to easily reference previous conversations to help build a more personalized experience for the customer. Additionally, businesses can keep track of customers using analytics with information such as visitor details and location. Along with these features, Purechat has security built-in with robust SSL security.


ArtiBot is a free, AI-powered chatbot that is designed to turn website visitors into customers. The chatbot capture leads using designable conversations and can ask questions based on lead times required by the customer. ArtiBot can be used to schedule appointments using its smart google calendar integration, and it provides an option to accept payments, which makes it an easy way and quick way to convert visitors into paying customers. ArtiBot sends all conversation details to the users’ emails, phone or app through Zapier integration.

Setup is easy, and the user can choose to design the conversation flow themselves or select from a list of templates and can easily integrate it into their existing website by simply copy-pasting JavaScript, or by using the plugin.

Chat On The Go with Customers

Instantly give answers to your customers about the pre sales, orders, or any queries directly from the mobile apps anytime and from anywhere. This will not disappoint any of your customers and each one of them will be satisfied when answered correctly and instantly.

Capture More Leads and Never Miss Out On Any

You obviously cannot afford to lose any of your website visitors. It is equivalent to losing out on your sales. When it is not possible for you to live chat, you can use this amazing feature of pure chat. The chat boxes of your customers or visitors get converted into a lead form, that is, the email capture form when no one is available to reply.

Keep A Chat History

Keep a record of each and every conversation with your customers which will help you to review your interactions with the customers over time.

Add Pure Chat To Any Website

For a quick and easy installation, you can use plug ins like wordpress, weebly, shopify, 3dcart, etc and add pure chat to your websites.

Save Time By Integrations

With the help of Zapier you can connect pure chat to more than 500 apps. This will increase the chances of your sales as the visitors of your websites will increase.

Matching Up Your Brand

Customize your chat boxes with different colors, texts, images, profile pictures and animations. Give your chats a look according to your choice and style.

Set Up Your Schedule

Create your own schedule once according to your availability timings and then your availability will be shown automatically to your customers when they log in on mobile or web.

Team Work

Invite many number of team members to converse with the visitors and customers. You can also start your conversations with the other members of your team.

Engaging Your Web Visitors

Use dashboard to interact with your web visitors and clients and look for the reference sources, locations and the other details.


Minimum rate is $20 per month for a smaller business and $100 for larger teams with unlimited plans.


Paid plans offers more than one year so no per user pricing. Android and iOS apps for chat on the go.


Free plan only offers limited number of monthly chats. Paid plans restricts numbers of sites.


Purechat is a leading live chat software ideal for small businesses and small business to offer live chat and increase conversion. You can quickly add live chat on your site and grow your conversion and customer confidence.


With one of the best interfaces in the technical world, Pure Chat has now started to gain more popularity and is used across the world by many successful businessmen. Get ready to boost up your business and sales with this wonderful software.

Top Features

General features
  • Fast Chat
  • Customized Chat Box
  • Automatic Lead Conversion
  • Chat Feedback
  • Focused Conversation
  • Dashboards Data
  • Multiple Team Member Chat
  • New Member Chat
  • Anywhere Chat Mobile
Product Features
  • User Defined Image
  • Profile Image
  • Animation
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Track results
  • Transcript Collection
  • Transcript Emailing
  • Contact Responding Indication
  • Status & Presence of Contact
  • Stress-free Installation
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Survey Chat Sessions
  • Chat Via Mobile
  • Practical Chat Conversation
  • Monitoring Offline Visitors
  • Operating System Version

Company Information

Company Name: Pure Chat Inc

Founded In: 2014

Address: 13835 N Northsight Blvd Suite 205, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Facebook ID: purechat

Twitter ID: purechat