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Quick files is very user friendly and do not create any operational problems for your accountants and managers. Boasting a high level of automation in its operations, it is best at making your accounting process easier and faster by cutting off the time and effort, which originally went into doing repetitive, mundane tasks. Quick Files essentially improves the overall efficiency of your operations in multiple aspects.

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QuickFile Quick Info

Quick Files is the easiest and fastest way to manage your invoices, payments, etc. Simplicity, speed and intuitiveness- Quick files is truly your answer for all your accounting needs. Cutting of unnecessary cumbersome work and automating them, better invoicing and transaction recording, you can have it all.

High level of automation

Stay stress-free and focus on managing more important parts of your business as Quick FIles takes care of the backend processes. Automated invoicing, bank reconciliation etc make a lot of tedious processes simpler. Instead of frantically running after clients’ invoices, get them to pay on your portal and remind them to do so automatically.

Multiple integrations and collaborations

Another thing very important for any business is to have useful companions, and Quick Files sure has a score of them. Ranging from Google to PayPal and more, feel free to utilize the services of a number of Zapier enabled integrations. We also have connections with over 50 UK banks, which allows for easier bank reconciliation through power bank tagging rules, which is a more intuitive way than manual tagging of items.

Receipts And invoices

Invoices and receipts are highly eye-catching, automated and can be sent and organized neatly. This makes them much more effective and easily manageable. Receipt Digitisation is another attractive feature, allowing you to process hard copies of traditional receipts to be processed and stored by the Quick Files app.

There is more

Other services provided by Quick File include handling estimates, purchase orders, delivery notes, estimates, tracking and filing VAT returns etc. One also needs not to worry about the security and integrity of data. Quick File has a 2 Factor authentication backed with Google authenticator’s token system. Quick Files also has a robust backup system as it automatically backs up your data every 15 minutes. If required, one can set it according to their needs and wishes.

Company Information

Company Name: QuickFile Ltd

Founded In: 2010

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