By: Quip LLC

Quip is a cloud-based collaborative office suite, capable of functions like word editing, making presentations, spreadsheets, and live-chat. The live-tracking features allow people in groups to interact closely and monitor every change in the document. After being acquired by Salesforce, Quip has now enhanced CRM productivity with live-collaboration. It also has shared storage space for groups working together. Quip now includes integrations with many live apps like Jira, Lucidcharts, Smartsheet, Vidyard, draw.io, Box File Viewer, etc., boosting its collaborative functions.



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Top Features

  • Free Trial
  • Less Friction
  • Real Time Teamwork
  • Fast Editing
  • Work From Mobile
  • High Level Of Work
  • Live Chat
  • Make Fast Decisions
  • Unlimited Document Process
  • 1 To 1 Messages
  • Table/Mobile Access

Company Information

Company Name: Quip LLC