By: Qustodio LLC.

Offers a range of parental control and internet filtering features for family, school, and business to ensure that your device usage is under control. Includes location tracking and panic button.

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Top Qustodio Alternatives

Qustodio Quick Info

Worried about the stuff children explore on the Internet? Do you want to keep a check on the time they spend on mobile phones? Well, yes! There is a product that can do that for you.

Qustodio is one of the top parental settings and monitoring software that is used to keep the kids away from technological harms. Qustodio works by setting up parental control over mobile apps and other device features. After that, a parent can monitor their usage and restrict the inappropriate content accordingly.

Device management and internet safety as their primary goal, Qustodio offers various services across fields like education, families, and businesses. This qualifies it as a content control product, which can be useful in protecting children and adults against technological misusage.

Qustodio Application Features

The product comes in a variety of forms. It offers both a free and premium version of the product merely at $49.95/year. The products are divided as per family, schools, and businesses. Qustodio operates silently in the background collecting the user footprints as well as blocking inappropriate content. It also engages in report creation simultaneously. An algorithm then summarizes these reports, and unusual content is reported to the parents/officers.

We can add as many devices with Qustodio and monitor their content and usage from a single dashboard. This gives us the ease of monitoring without the hassle of making them restricted on a single device. Qustodio Family has one of the most advanced block features to safeguard nearly all underage personals.

It comes with a limiter to control apps and games, screen time, social networks, YouTube, etc. It even blocks adult sites, tracks calls & SMS, a panic button for emergency, and a family locator feature. Similar to this, Qustodio for businesses and schools comes with dedicated features for workplace and schools, like web filters, dynamic filtering, hardware control, real-time information, and so.


Overall, it is a silent yet keen monitoring tool that keeps track of every single activity of your kids or employees. They offer us a one-month trial period to check it’s working. Since it is over the most popular platforms, the monitoring becomes much more relaxed with detailed reporting.

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