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Radaris is an online platform used for people search, background check, White pages, and to find people. It can search anyone by their name, phone or address, and gives complete records including emails, present address, social profiles, phone number, criminal records, professional history, and public records. Whether you want to find someone or check background details of a person, Radaris people directory can help you.

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Top Radaris Alternatives

Radaris Quick Info

Radaris is an unofficial online directory service for the US. It can be used to get details about someone a user knows or wants to check upon. It provides detailed information about the search initiated by the user from official or legally accessible public records. It can be used to search for people, businesses, and properties registered. The profiles on Radaris get updated as soon as the real-life changes are being updated officially online. The service also has a range of mobile apps that can be used for People Search, Phone Number Search, Background Check, and checking for Sex Offenders.

On the radar

Radaris provides a thoroughly detailed report of the search performed by the user. When used for a  person, the report provides with all the personal details that include the person’s age, gender, phone number, residence address, relatives, and even the vehicle details registered on their name. Apart from personal information, their professional details are present as well. A background check can also be performed on the searched profile, which is going to reveal about the person’s criminal records, court records, etc.

It turns out to be a real asset in case of property search, where the report provides the user with all the details of a property, which include – area of property, number of rooms or apartments at the place, how the property is built, cooling and heating systems within it, and even the record of when it was last sold. All these details ensure that users do not get scammed in any real estate deal, and they also get to know the details of the residents.

Apart from people and property search, Radaris can also help users in getting details about any registered business across the nation. Business details provide users with the field of business, their reviews, owners, and how to contact them. Coming to contacts, Radaris can also be used to verify a phone number or know the identity of the person who owns the cell.

Privacy Protection

Radaris makes sure that the users performing searches and checking the reports stay anonymous. It only confides the data of the person performing search but also gives an option to people registered on the directory to opt-out of it so that their data does not get compromised for their peace of mind and security reasons. Radaris is also available as a mobile app for Android as well as iOS running devices, and they comply with the same regulations.

Top Features

  • Public Records Search
  • Comprehensive Information
  • Local & State Sources
  • Federal Sources
  • People Searches
  • Business Searches
  • Phone Number Search
  • Properties Search
  • Checking Criminal Records
  • Checking Sex Offenders
  • Public Criminal Records
  • Instant Background Check
  • Regionall Websites
  • Property Information Record
  • Email Lookup
  • Android & iOS Applications

Company Information

Company Name: Radaris America, Inc.

Founded In: 2013

Address: 831 Beacon St, Ste 129, Newton, MA, USA

Facebook ID: Radaris

Twitter ID: radarisamerica