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RankTrackr is a SEO rank tracker tool used to determine the changes in rankings of target keywords for target website or campaign. Accuracy, speed and simplicity are some of the strongest aspects of this software that ensure the best real-time results. RankTrackr dashboard gives users a complete overview of their website’s performance including average position in search engines, keyword positions in top 10 or 100, last changes, etc.

Top Ten RankTrackr alternatives are (1) SE Ranking (2) SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker (3) CuteRank (4) RankSonic (5) AccuRanker (6) Microsite Masters (7) Rankinity (8) Accurate Monitor (9) Rank Ranger and (10) SERPWoo

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15 Alternatives



15 Alternatives

Top RankTrackr Alternatives

RankTrackr Quick Info

Keywords are the basic building blocks of digital marketing. The keyword is that important word based on which the search on a search engine takes place. For a successful digital marketing technique, you need to keep track of keywords. There are tools that act as a keyword research tool and helps you in finding high-performance keywords, ranking, and negative keywords.

What is Rank Tracker?

Rank Tracker monitors the performance of keywords with real-time data. This monitoring helps in optimizing your content for better growth of the business. It also does competitor analysis and gives you reports related to this analysis. It also helps you in keeping an eye on your ranking on the search engine. It has a centralized platform that does the multi-tasking of keyword research, search engine ranks, and competitive analysis.

Rank Tracking procedure

This tracking tool keeps a close watch on your website. It gives you all the details whenever your position moves up or down so that you can modify your working according to the situation. It does provide you with filter options such as location-wise filtering, desktop or mobile filtering, etc. The graphical representation of the complete analysis of your website provides a visual view of your performance record. You can easily monitor the traffic and your ranking through this visual representation.

Keyword Finder of Rank Tracking software

The keyword finder is a huge database of keywords of the Rank Tracker. They keep an updated database that matches the requirements on the global level. It also helps in finding long-tail keywords. You also get an opportunity of viewing the history of a particular keyword.

Web edit tool of Rank Tracker

This tool helps in checking all the optimization features and identifying gaps if any. Along with pointing out the problems, it also gives you the solution to that problem. It can scan the complete website in a minimal time period. You can also download the audit reports for your reference and sharing. It has a unique feature that lets you know the tasks that have to be completed first and on a priority basis. You can also compare your audit result with your previously scanned results.

Top Features

Core Features
  • City-based Tracking
  • Zipcode-based Tracking
  • Region-based Tracking
  • Country-based Tracking
  • Search Volume
  • AdWords CPC Tracking
  • Exporting to PDF
  • Exporting to CSV
  • Image Carousel
  • Local Map Results
  • Organic Results
  • Historical Details
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Email Reports
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Competitor Analysis
  • White Label Supported
  • Managing Users
  • API Access

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