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Readymag is a user-friendly online publishing tool for creative professionals. It helps with web publications like portfolios, microsites, presentations, etc. With simple and easy features, users get a freedom to create anything without having to worry about technical aspects. Readymag offers responsive designs, amazing templates, Google analytics, custom design, web fonts, and much more. Apart from amazing features and tools, users can always download their creations in a PDF format.

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Readymag Quick Info

Readymag is designing tool for browsers that allows users to create websites, landing pages, and portfolios for professional purposes. It can also be used to design online magazines and long reading articles or blogs. Some of the famous names have been already relying on Readymag for designing, a few of these are – Airbnb, Forbes, Esquire, and Conde Naste.

Release the Artist

Readymag allows users to animate with complete independence and unleash their creativity with no limitations in layouts. Users can use custom grids in design to give a clean and minimalistic look, choose if they want their browser-based designs compatible for just desktops, just phones, or both, and choose the right templates accordingly.

While choosing the right templates makes the work a lot more attractive, Readymag goes one step ahead and brings users the luxury of using funky or minimalistic icons and wallpapers for their content platform. Wallpapers and icons library is provided by Readymag, and the amount of content in these libraries exceeds millions. Personalizing the platform in the best way? Come at Readymag.

Apart from these features, Readymag also provides users with an option to include forms and animations to keep users interacted and engaged on the platform. Moreover, in case, users ever feel the need for turning their website into an e-commerce store facility, Readymag assists them in transformation and makes the process seamless.

What else?

Readymag also provides users with options to customize the fonts, because minor details do matter. There are more than a thousand fonts to select from the best platforms around the web, including, Adobe and Google fonts which have always been admired for keeping things clean and straightforward. Along with fonts, comes an experience of one of the most convenient typography users have always adored.

Ultimately, while the easiness and rich features are attractive stand out points, it is necessary to ensure users of the security of their platform or deals can break down fast. At Readymag, users get to protect their website by SSL, and it is made sure that all platforms are compliant to privacy laws.

Ease, comfort, beauty, and security is the perfect combo a designer craves for, and Readymag is the drug that quenches this thirst.

Top Features

  • Web Publishing Tool
  • Magazine Publication
  • Photo Stories Creation
  • Portfolios Publication
  • Drag-Drop Interface
  • Adaptive Design
  • Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Free Beautiful Images
  • High Quality Photos
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Free Visitors Analytics
  • Password Protected Publication
  • 1500+ Web Fonts
  • Truely Interactive Animations
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Forms Data Collection
  • SEO Friendly
  • Retina Ready
  • Custom Templates
  • PDF Export
  • Hosting Alternative
  • Simple Code Embedding
  • Dedicated User Support
  • Free Trial Version.

Company Information

Company Name: Readymag Inc.

Founded In: 2012

Address: 155 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Facebook ID: readymag

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