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Offers cheap international calls and SMS service that allows you to save money when calling abroad. It features access numbers, international calls, free calling, international texts, phone cards, VoIP calling, collect calls, reliable connection, device usage flexibility, mobile apps, and more. The service is available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and other phone devices.

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Rebtel Quick Info

In modern times, communication has become more crucial, and the means to communicate have increased too. Wireless mobile phones can drastically change the entire world’s perspective. People can utilize this technology for talking across borders.

Among such wireless products, Rebtel is one of the companies that aims to garner nomads and financially deficit class for cheaper and free calls with its VOIP services. It uses its mobile application to do so and doesn’t require any complicated installation and even works over a landline connection.

Rebtel came into being in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. It was typically intended for migrants, nomads, and traveling hippies. It has also stepped into banking, remittance, and helping international/migrants. It employs about 95 people, and with over 95 Million+ revenue.

Rebtel Services

Rebtel offers multiple products as services across the globe. In general, the basic Rebtel service comes after installing the application on the phone. This app uses the phone’s data connections to establish a call to the target person, after routing it through the local phone lines.

This makes sure that no data plan is used. Due to this, it is becoming highly popular for many migrants and international nomads. The call rates are designed based on the target country. However, most popular countries have almost similar charges.

The plans come with a country-based subscription, Global Subscription, and a Pay-as-You-go system. In prices as low as $10, we can get the first two subscriptions. The credit-based subscription has a limit of 418 minute/$10. Rebtel won’t charge any extra subscription or processing fees.

Rebtel Money Transfer or Mobile Top-Up

Similar to the above, we can transfer money to the faraway person in the form of a mobile top-up. This is once more a crucial feature included by Rebtel. The process purely involves adding the mobile number of recipients and then picking one of the top-up recharge. For a minimal fee, it will send the balance in the recipient’s phone. The process is quite fast and is secure and reliable.

Rebtel Nauta

Any connection in Cuba requires a mandatory Nauta account. Rebtel offers the service to connect in Cuba by creating a Nauta account, and then sending them top-ups. It offers services for both temporary and permanent account.


Rebtel offers very unique and cheaper communication services compared to other mobile services. It has made one of the popular VOIP apps, almost rivaling WhatsApp. Their service is comparatively good and has received much recognition from users and many organizations alike.

Top Features

Call Features
  • International Calls
  • Free Calls
  • HD Voice Clarity
  • International Texts
  • Calling Cards
  • Collect Calls
  • Access Numbers
  • Android App
  • iOS App
  • Windows App
Other Features
  • Billing And Payment
  • Mobile Top Up
  • Special Call Rates
  • Campaigns And Vouchers

Company Information

Company Name: Rebtel Services S.à r.l.

Founded In: 2006

Address: Jakobsbergsgatan 16, Stockholm, Sweden

Facebook ID: Rebtel

Twitter ID: Rebtel

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