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Remarkety is an E-Commerce marketing automation service that aims to automate email and social media campaigns using customer's behavior and gathered data. Send and track email campaigns to understand the performance of customer relationship efforts. It also intelligently selects users eligible for customized offers to increase engagement.

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Remarkety Quick Info

Email marketing services are an essential part of any E-Commerce platform's success. People often abandon their purchase decisions halfway through the process, and this generates a considerable loss for E-Commerce platforms. It is necessary to remind them about their shopping cart and try to bring them back by offering custom discounts.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Often, we see people adding items to cart, and then logging out of the E-Commerce website and completely forgetting what they have added. Remarkety has an abandoned cart notification service where users can be notified about what they left unpurchased.

It sends email messages based on real-time signals and user's behavior to automate the purchase process leading to minimal abandoned cart incidents.

AI-based product recommendations

Remarkety suggests products to the user based on AI and Machine learning optimized data. Including product recommendations in emails is done using the drag and drop method. This feature ensures that people who buy something can get accessory recommendations automatically – in the case of smartphones and computers, people can be easily led to purchasing recommended accessories like screen protectors, covers, etc.

Integration of Social media features

Optimize your email campaigns using smart social media integrations. It allows you to enhance your social media presence with intelligent E-Commerce data. Use the data to power your Facebook Ads and build a niche audience. Create segments that can be easily exported to Facebook in just a few clicks.

It allows E-Commerce players to target people who find email campaigns uninteresting and flag as spam, and also inactive users and VIPs.

Personalized discount coupons

Remarkety enables E-Commerce platforms to send custom discount coupons to its customers to increase user engagement and doubles the purchase rate. It can easily select which customers are eligible for discounts and automatically generates coupon codes for them.

This ensures that customers are interested in buying the products, as they are more attracted to tailor-made discounts offered by brands – both online and offline. Remarkety enables companies to take advantage of this fact to drive-in sales.

Easy to design email templates

The design of an email template can be a deciding factor in user engagement. With Remarkety, it is easy to design catchy emails using the drag and drop editor. It features a wide variety of pre-built templates that can be added to the email design and easily personalized. You can also upload custom HTML based templates for further control over the design.

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Company Name: Remarkety

Founded In: 2012

Twitter ID: remarkety

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