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RevenueHits is a type of affiliate marketing platform that helps businesses and individuals take advantage of the popularity of their websites and monetize it. It does so by connecting businesses with the website owner and then by allowing them to host advertisements on the website. It is easy to implement, versatile, and very, very profitable.

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RevenueHits Quick Info

A website is a very good way to spread information about various topics, but it can be so much more. RevenueHits is a platform by Intango that help website owners realize the marketing potential of a popular website and businesses to funnel traffic from a popular website to their own, in an arrangement that is economically beneficial for both parties involved. It is easy to use, requires zero knowledge about web technologies, and is an ideal system to monetize blogs.

How easy implementing RevenueHits really is?

RevenueHits does a lot of work. It seems only natural that implementing it into a website will be very difficult, which is, fortunately, not the case at all. It uses a simple web interface to deploy its services to the website, as opposed to code-based integration. The user has to input their ad specifications like type and size, and the device they’ll be optimized for, into the implementation platform. This generates a tag, which has to be simply pasted into the website’s backend code. This makes the ad-space live and users can immediately start reaping the profits.

What types of adverts are supported by RevenueHits?

RevenueHits support various types of advertisements, which make it very useful for businesses wanting to attract maximum traffic with engaging ad content. Ads may include simple display banners, popups that demands engagement, small button-like advertisements, footer and header type advertisements, beautiful and seamless interstitials, and sliders. A subtype of popup ads appearing like a message is also available, and a "shadow box" ad that attracts viewers to the ad only can also be implemented. The website owner may select what type of ad they want and where do they place it so that the integrity of the content is preserved.

Keeping track of ad effectiveness

Both the user and the business can get detailed analytics of how well the advertisement is performing through the RevenueHits dashboard. These reports are easily understandable, take into account a variety of criteria, and are available at a minute's notice. Based on these analytics, the business can get a clear picture of its affiliate marketing campaign's effectiveness.

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