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Revive Adserver is an open source ad serving system that allows advertisers, publishers and networks to display ads across multiple platforms such as, websites, apps, video players, and to track impressions, clicks and conversions. In addition to that, Revive’s easy to use interface allows users to manage ad campaigns of multiple advertisers from a single place. It also lets them define ad delivery rules based on URL targeting, geo-targeting, frequency, etc.

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Revive Adserver

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Revive Adserver Quick Info

Revive Adserver is one of the best and free to use open source ad serving system which is being used globally. It enables its users to serve ads, manage campaigns, define delivery rules and track campaign performance.



Users can easily manage their inventory by defining as many advertisers as they like according to their needs. There are no fixed number of advertisers. Users can even fix contract campaigns, remnant campaigns and override campaigns that should be prioritized over other campaigns, all from one place. The users can add image banners, HTML5 banners, and third-party ad tags. All types of audios, graphics and videos can be added.

They can define as many websites as they like according to their needs. The users can also select zones where the ads should appear on a website. They can add multiple users to manage the inventory and each user has a unique and different password for the assured maximum security. User can add as many users as he/she wants.


Users can keep a count on the number of requests for every zone. Whenever a visitor visits a page, a request gets counted by the ad server. The user can keep a count on the number of banners being displayed on the webpage. Each and every banner which gets displayed on the page is registered by the ad server.

They can even keep a count on the number of clicks on a banner when a visitor visits the webpage. The link which is on the banner is connected to the ad server so that the click gets counted. All the conversions on the webpage can be monitored by the user.

Every request made by the web browser to Revive Adserver to display ads in a specific zone is monitored. Each ad banner displayed by the web browser is counted as an impression. Moreover, every click on an ad banner and conversion is recorded and updated for better efficiency.


It is free to use and download open ad serving system. The source code of revive adserver including all its earlier versions is available to its users. It does not store or transmit any personal data of the user and no registration is required to download the software. The source code of the software is open to all and developers are allowed to suggest any edit in the source code via a pull request. A safe and hassle-free download of the software is available without the need for any user registration.

Top Features

  • Ad Serving System
  • Multiple Platforms
  • Track Impressions
  • Clicks & Conversions
  • Delivery Rules Based
  • Free & Open-Source Systems
  • Serve Pre-Roll Ads
  • Hosting Providers & Consultants
  • Plugin Developers
  • Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Click-Through Rate
  • Aqua Platform
  • Wonderfully Efficient Software
  • Automatic Over-Delivery

Company Information

Company Name: Revive Adserver

Founded In: 2013

Facebook ID: WeAreReviveAdserver

Twitter ID: revive_adserver