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Revue is a software that helps users create newsletters for their subscribers. It helps businesses save time, effort, and money that goes into creating HTML formatted newsletter templates by offering them pre-made compatible templates. It also helps with building the digest for readers at the power of just a few clicks by integrating with web-browsers and giving them the liberty to add articles into templates from the website they are browsing at that moment.

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Revue Quick Info

Maintaining relationships with subscribers is becoming more and more important with growing platforms on the internet. Sending regular newsletters is one way to maintain in touch with customers and keep them entertained with several wonderful pieces of relevant information. While newsletters are a powerful way to hold customers, it becomes quite a difficult task for many small companies and startups, and this is where Revue comes to save the day. It allows users to create aesthetically pleasing, sleek, and clean newsletters with a simple add-on rather than messing hours to create templates.

Newsletters made easy

Revue provides users with an easy add-on or plugin that gets attached to their web browsers like Chrome o Firefox. This extension, in turn, makes it easier for users to collect the content for newsletters fast and easy as it allows them to save the articles on a separate Revue clipboard for using later. When they have completed their research, they can access the main platform through the web and start creating the newsletter in their space.

When starting with creation, users will be prompted to select the format that suits their preferences the most and allows them to use all their content comfortably. After selecting a suitable format, users can easily drag and drop the saved articles from the clipboard. In addition to the articles pasted and the content they have written regarding it, they can also use their media files like images and videos or simply utilize other useful social media links like Tweets, which brief the content of the article alongside acting as a source.

Revenue with Revue

Revue gives users a chance to earn some money for their digital publications by helping them with starting their digital subscription plans, sponsoring brands, displaying ads, or even using affiliate marketing. A part of making more revenue also requires users to get more traffic, and Revue allows users to pull more traffic by allowing them to publish editorial newsletters. Want to maintain customers, make new contacts, as well as earn some quick bucks from newsletters itself? Revue is the key to success here.

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