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Robly is a software which is is the best in the market when it comes to email marketing and are very effective and can easily and effectively multiply the opens within months. The templates are very effective from the marketing point of view and highly sought after to enable higher click-throughs.

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Robly Quick Info

In today’s competitive market, it is not enough if companies can come up with highly effective strategies, but they also need to market them effectively. Many companies fail to do so and hence; they aren’t very effective. But we don’t need to worry as Robly does exactly that and here’s why it is the best in the market. 


Optimize and Implement


The OpengenTM tool guarantees a 50% increase in click-throughs within a span of three months, which proves that it is highly effective for sure. Moreover, Robly A.I. is truly a beast. It sends mails at the exact time the viewer is most likely to see the mail. Pretty impressive! Other than this, Robly’s A/B testing is very effective when it comes to optimising content and thereby considerably increases the click-throughs.


Robly’s Exit-Intent feature helps in growing the list by making subscribers join the mailing list. The templates they provided render properly across all kinds of devices and increase the reach to all people. Also, the mobile and desktop reports show in-depth reports on hourly rates of mail-opening. 


One ID to boost your business


RoblyIDTM is very efficient as it can send mails to a list of IDs and easily identifies nearly 35% of traffic. It is, therefore, very effective in making sure that mails reach the pre-defined set of mail IDs and the user-friendly attractive template ensures more click-throughs. No doubt as to why it is so sought after. Right?


Templates to suit your needs


An essential aspect of any mail or a website is the template. It is the main reason as to why a mail gets many click-throughs and even why many emails don’t get the required number of click-throughs. The templates offered by Robly are highly mobile-responsive and optimized. The templates guarantee a 100% lift in click-throughs and conversions.


With all these jaw-dropping features, Robly is surely the best choice in the market to increase click-throughs. It not only provides a face-lift to any mail or website but also ensures a guaranteed increase in click-throughs once implemented. That’s why it’s the best in business!

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