The Top Alternatives to RoboForm Includes Dashlane, 1Password, LastPass, Sticky Password and 11 other products in Password Manager Software

By: Siber Systems, Inc.



15 Alternatives

Top RoboForm Alternatives

Good: Unlimited password management, stored-data directly accessible online, apps available for major smart-phone platforms, access to your logins on multiple platforms, generate secure passwords.

Need Improvements: Remote access does not allow editing of the form-fill data, does not explain difference between encryption algorithms, Bookmarklet can't fill forms.

Overall: RoboForm Everywhere offers you one license for all your computers & mobile devices. You will have unlimited access to all your RoboForm data on multiple computers, tablets, mobile devices or USBs.

Siber Enterprise which is a privately held company having its headquarters in USA, Virginia, Fairfax released RoboForm in 1999. Their RoboForm Everywhere offers you unlimited password management and hence it gives you unlimited access to all your RoboForm data on multiple computers, tablets, USBs, and different mobile devices. RoboForm was their first consumer product and with RoboForm Everywhere they are offering features like one password for all your computers & mobile devices, unlimited password management, secure automatic backup copy of all your RoboForm data, keep all your passwords and other data in sync between all of your computers and mobile devices, convenience of managing your RoboForm data from anywhere at any time.

Unlimited password Management:

The most authentic way of having guaranteed online security is by using password management software and RoboForm Everywhere offers efficient & unlimited password management. It holds all of your passwords and then makes it so simple to capture and apply passwords that you will quite conveniently grasp more secure passwords. RoboForm Everywhere also allows you complete your online forms with little effort and in addition to that as it knows the exact URLs of the sites you log into, it quite competently protects you from different phishing attempts that are attempted to trick you. It offers military level encryption and helps you if you like to access your unlimited Logins, Bookmarks, Identities, etc. on multiple desktops, tablets, laptops, USBs, or mobile devices.

Multifactor Authentication Option:

RoboForm Everywhere Security is assured by multifactor authentication option as more factors included in authentication process, guarantees more security. Different factors included in multifactor authentication are like, something you have (such as H/W or S/W token), something you know (like password or security questions) or something you are (like fingerprint or retina scan). This option provides you the ability to ensure that only registered devices can have access to your account. RoboForm Everywhere offers you ability to register your devices with a onetime password (OTP) and it uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a cryptographic protocol for providing secure communications on the Internet.

Direct Online Access

You can easily log into your RoboForm Everywhere account from any computer and hence can access your stored logins or passcard information, safenotes, bookmarks, or identity details. It also offers lite plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox and with the help of this you can automatically log in to Web sites using passcards and hence can fill forms by using stored personal information. It supports group functions i.e. login shared between users, integration with group policy and it is mass deployable via SMS and group policy. With the license of RoboForm Everywhere, licenses of Desktop, RoboForm2Go, and Mac are also included


If you buy a RoboForm Everywhere license then you will have the flexibility of running RoboForm on multiple Windows and Mac platforms. Additionally RoboForm Everywhere is also available for Microsoft Surface RT and Linux. It contains the standalone versions and synchronizes all of your passwords across all of your devices. It also efficiently works with various browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera and it also competently runs three of the most popular mobile devices i.e. Windows Phone, Android and iOS. If your RoboForm Everywhere is not working on the device that you use or if you are not using supported browser then you can still log into websites automatically just by using the RoboForm Bookmarklet.


RoboForm Everywhere lets its users to install RoboForm on all their computer and devices just by paying an annual fee. It incorporates unlimited copies of RoboForm Desktop and hence it can be used on an unlimited number of computers, mobile devices or USB drives. This is one of the most fantastic extensions for RoboForm users that effectively open up a whole new world. It also comes with a RoboForm Everywhere online account that automatically keeps all your RoboForm data in sync. Its online support page includes answers of all the frequently asked questions and in addition to all this RoboForm also allows you to securely access your Login information online.