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Rocketr is a company that deals with payment processing that takes place in a company. It enables its users to include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with the already existing methods for payment. It allows multiple payments to take place in your business.

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Rocketr Quick Info

Payment methods play an important role in a business because it gives the customers a way of making payment for the purchases they make. If you provide multiple ways of making the payment, then it caters much more people than those providing only one or two options. Along with the traditional payment methods, now people have been attracted to digital currency payment options like bitcoin. They expect the option of cryptocurrency payment available for making the payment. Rocketr helps in including such payment options in your business so that you capture more business.


The Payments platform by Rocketr gives you the option of including multiple payment options and accessing them through a single dashboard. You can include the latest cryptocurrency option in your business for making payments with the help of Rocketr. There are many ways of using the Rocketr platform. You can use it with the help of its API, checkout and donation buttons, mobile app, and emailable invoices.


The Rocketr platform helps a business in increasing its selling rate. It provides you with an e-commerce store. This store is designed in such a way that it caters to the needs related to the sales and delivery process of digital products. It has a messaging system included in this store that helps in maintaining communication with the customer. It has Live chat accounts for the team members to communicate with each other. The option of automatic tracking of the order is also available with this store.

Features of Rocketr

It has integrated many operations in its platform that makes the complete process of payment easy and quick. It charges very little as its fees. There are engineers and staff members who will always be available for you in case you need any help. It makes use of proper authentication techniques to ensure the security of your data. It gives you an Application ID as soon as you register on its platform. This ID can be shared with the public. The other thing which it gives you is an Application Secret that has to be kept hidden with you. It uses a header-based authentication mechanism.

Company Information

Company Name: Rocketr

Founded In: 2016

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