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Routee is an Email marketing service that helps organizations increase their sales by offering them optimized bulk-SMS and Email solutions. Organizations of all sizes can use this platform to increase their customer base or generate more organic traffic on their platform. Some of the prominent organizations that use Routee as their digital marketing solution are – Microsoft, Uber, Skype, WeChat, and Telegram.

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ROUTEE Quick Info

Digital marketing has become an essential aspect in determining an organization’s reputation and increasing their customer base as most of the products today are software or cloud-based, requiring users to utilize their services based on mere computer communication. To make the digital marketing campaigns successful, organizations need to hit customers in the right spot using alluring emails, messages, or newsletters. This is where Routee comes into the conversation and provides them simplistic and time-saving solutions to gain more customers while also getting time to strategize on other vital operations related to the organization.

Simple and Effective

Routee is preferred by organizations all across the world due to its user-friendly, yet highly effective features. If we were asked to sum up Routee in a few words – users go to the platform, sign up, upload their customized database, have some noodles while it gets analyzed, and then implement the best marketing strategy and automate it. Voila! You just got a massive increase in subscribers or followers overnight at only a few clicks. But of course, we are going to dive a little into detail and explain how Routee goes on with its effective marketing campaigns.

First, let us start by mentioning all ways in which Routee provides its services. Organizations can use it for SMS marketing, Email marketing, messaging through messenger applications, marketing through calls, and even notifications. Marketing through all the possible channels increases the chances of attracting more customers than usual methods because more mediums generate more leads. And what makes Routee special? Its ability to generate profitable campaigns through all these channels. Once users get the right strategy, they can automate the process, and the rest of it will be taken care of from Routee.

Reach everyone

Making marketing strategies couldn’t have been easier, thanks to Routee. It allows users to clear their dilemma of adopting marketing strategies very quickly through the A/B testing system. This feature involves a marketing platform to use two different approaches on a set of customers. Routee uses this technique to see which of the two selected strategies is more productive and then implements it.

Step up up your marketing campaign and increase the customer base using Routee – the all in one digital marketing solution.

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