By: Fujitsu RunMyProcess

RunMyProcess enterprise process management platform allows organizations to build powerful business processes and workflow apps within minutes. RunMyProcess apps are mobile optimized and can run on any device and platform. It supports all business teams and departments including HR, accounting & finance, procurement, field services, etc., and automates complete business data and processes for better understanding and management through a common web or mobile based platform.

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  • WorkflowMax
  • Comindware Tracker
  • K2’s workflow
  • Nintex
  • Activiti
  • Appian
  • Joget Workflow
  • UiPath
  • PNMSoft
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15 Alternatives

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Top Features

Core Features
  • Drag-n-drop Deployment
  • Third-party Applications Integration
  • Process Status Control
  • Advanced Testing Mode
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Intuitive Drag-n-drop Interface
  • Unlimited Workflow Processes
  • Process Modelling Tools
  • SaaS Applications Integration
  • On-premises Applications Integration
  • Multiple Users & Channels
  • Secured Integration
  • User-friendly Testing Mode
  • One-click KPIs Access
  • One-click Process Status
  • Advanced & Multivariate Testing
  • Real-time Personalized Dashboard
  • Administration Centralization
  • Multi-tenant Architecture
  • 4-layer Data Protection
  • Secured Data Transfer

Company Information

Company Name: Fujitsu RunMyProcess

Founded In: 2007

Address: 3 rue de Gramont, Paris, France

Facebook ID: RunMyProcess

Twitter ID: runmyprocess