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Rydoo is an expense management platform that helps users streamline their expense and expense reporting processes, thereby enabling them to manage their cash flows. Global giants like Swiss Air, Burger King, and Deloitte rely on Rydoo for managing their expenses and cash flows.

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Rydoo Quick Info

As organizations expand and aspire to go global, managing their cash flows and expenses becomes a challenge. As the scale of operations sees a multi-fold increase, expenses also skyrocket, leading to depleting cash flow for the organization. If the problem goes unchecked, it may potentially jeopardize the organization’s expansion plans leading to catastrophic circumstances for the organization. Therefore, planning and managing expenses become extremely important for these organizations. Traditionally expense management has been an extremely tedious job with the expense managers maintain tens of thousands of records on paper. However, with the advent of online tools, the process has become much simpler. Expense management is no longer as complicated as it used to be, and streamlining expenses to manage workflows, and cashflows have become much simpler.

What is Rydoo?

As a result, organizations around the world are turning to the use of expense management platforms like Rydoo. The platform offers a range of features that help organizations optimize the process of expense management. The platform benefits organizations in multiple ways. It helps them save money by fastening the expense process and offering intuitive integration options with various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms like SAP. Apart from these, the platform also helps users track expenses in real-time. Managing expenses is just not limited to, cutting on unnecessary spending and efficient reporting. The scope of expense management is well beyond that. The process of expense management also involves the aspect of complying with local tax regulations.

Compliance and cumbersome processes

Organizations, while calculating their taxes, also have to take into account the tax they’ve paid while procuring different products both as a part of the manufacturing process as well as operations. And understanding and complying with those regulations can fast become overwhelming. Therefore, to help users with compliance and regulations, the platform offers assistance. Such assistance enables users to stay compliant and follow all the local norms and regulations. Expense management is a multi-faceted process with multiple stakeholders. While the organization is one stakeholder, the other stakeholder is the employee himself. Employees, as a part of their job, have to incur expenses on behalf of their organization.

Boon for the employees

With Rydoo, they can easily scan their expense receipts and get reimbursed without any hassles. Such processes save time both for the employee as well as the organizations. Moreover, the entire process of expense management happens online, saving the organization and employees from the unnecessary paper trail. All-in-all, Rydoo is a useful tool to have for all types of organizations.

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