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The Top Alternatives to Sage 50 Includes QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero, Account Edge and 11 other products in Accounting Software

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Sage 50

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Top Sage 50 Alternatives

Good: Provides a complete accounting software that can cover various aspects of your business, with Microsoft Office 365 integration. Allows you to create invoices easily and track your cash flow.

Things need to be Changed: Limited number of users that can use the software at the same time. The 50c Essentials plan doesn’t support multi-company, invoicing, and cash flow management.

Sage 50c is an accounting software created and developed by Sage (UK) Limited, a software company founded in 1981 and based in the United Kingdom. The company is committed into providing the best quality accounting software for various types of businesses. It provides the software necessary for businesses to integrate various accounting aspects, such as payroll, invoicing, cash flow management, payment system, and more.

Cash Flow Tracking And Simple Invoicing

Sage 50c is not just an accounting software. In fact, it is a software that provides a complete system for your business to manage your finances. It has the built-in cash flow and invoicing system to keep track of your business finances. The cash flow tracking system allows you to link the software to your bank account, so that you can easily track your sales and invoices automatically in real time. Each transaction that happens in your business, whether income or expense, is recorded and calculated accurately by this software. Also, this software provides a simple invoicing system that allows you to create business invoices easily, and send your invoices directly to your clients with this software. There is no need for you to use any third-party invoicing service to get this done.

Inventory And Stock Control

This software intelligently integrates your stock and inventory information and record all changes in your stock and inventory in real time. In other words, whenever you products are sold to the customers, the software automatically updates the database of the products and display the available stock in your inventory, so that the customers cannot order the product that is already out of stock. This system can help you to maximize the customer’s satisfaction when they order from you. It also makes you to be aware of the remaining items that you have, so that you can restock your products before they are sold out.

Automate Your Accounting Process

Once you’ve installed this software on your system, all accounting processes become automatic, and you no longer need to input any data manually. Sage 50c is a robust accounting software that takes care of the cash flow automatically, since it is integrated with various automation systems that make your business transactions go smoothly. The Sage Payroll and Sage Payment integration can help you tackle all the payment processes, as well as the process of paying your employees even more smoothly, since everything is done seamlessly in one simple accounting system.

VAT Management

When you are providing certain products or services to your customers, it is normal that you add the VAT (Value Added Tax) value to your products or services. This is because you have the responsibility to pay those taxes to the government later. However, putting VAT for each product or service manually can be a daunting task to do, especially if you are selling hundreds or thousands of products, as in the case of various e-commerce or retail businesses. The good news is that this software can help you to manage the VAT of your products, and it can even help you to submit your returns online to HM Revenue and Customs.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Sage 50c is neatly integrated with Microsoft Office 365, so you don’t need to worry that this software might be difficult to use. In fact, this software is quite easy and simple to use, especially if you’ve been using Office 365 for some time. If you don’t already have the Microsoft Office 365 software, the software installation is included in your plan, so you don’t need to pay for the Office software separately. This integration includes importing data from this software to Outlook, or providing detailed reporting data to Excel.


Sage 50c is a complete accounting solution that helps your business to manage its accounting aspects more effectively and seamlessly. It integrates various accounting aspects of your business, including payment, payroll, cash flow, invoicing, and more, into one simple accounting system that can be controlled easily with the software. Also, it provides various features that make it easy for you to manage your business, including the VAT management, inventory management, payment processing, and other third-party integrations. It is available as a desktop and mobile app, so that you can control your business accounting on the go. All in all, it is one of the best accounting software that should be used by any business that needs to simplify their financial and accounting management process.