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SAP Concur is a software that lets organizations automate the financial factor in their workplace. The expenses maintained need not be confined to just a few official tasks as SAP Concur takes care that it keeps everything organized as per user preference, and therefore, users can store all the expenses within one application and save time by getting rid of manual input.

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SAP Concur

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SAP Concur Quick Info

Organizations across the world have grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades, and a part of growing up involves making the operations more efficient in every system within the company. An essential system in a company is the Finance and Accounts section, as it looks after all the capital of organizations.

Maintaining the logs regarding revenue, reimbursements, and expenses can quickly become a hectic thing to handle as the organization grows in size. To make the financial management more accessible and reimbursements faster, organizations rely on SAP Concur –software that automates this function.

Gets it done ASAP

Managing all the cash flow of an organization requires the professionals to keep track of every penny that goes out and comes in. Keeping hold of all documents requires organizations to have massive storage, whether in office or desktop and then making sure each of it counts takes a lot of time from employees as well. Moreover, many companies send their employees out for business purposes, where employees initially have to make arrangements for themselves, and the amount is later reimbursed by the company.

Reimbursement is not an issue if there are only a few from an organization, but when a large scale organization deploys its teams all over a region or country, then it often gets challenging to manage reimbursements for all employees in little time as every detail first needs to be filled out in log, which takes a lot of time for a lot of employees as everyone has different expenditures. To handle such issues, SAP Concur turns out to be a beneficial asset as it can be connected to organization servers and deployed into smartphones of employees from where they can log all expenses easily.

How does it work?

SAP Concur allows employees to log all the expenses easily within their smartphone app, from where all the data directly gets sent to the organization, and the reimbursement process which took ages earlier suddenly becomes snappy fast and smooth. To make sure that employees don’t have to put too much time and effort into logging details, it provides them with the feature of capture and save where employees just have to click and attach the photo of the bill, and the software handles things from there onwards.

The application can accept the data in multiple currencies, and integrate with financing and accounting software of organizations, making it a perfect fit for organizations of all scales across the world.

Company Information

Company Name: Concur Technologies, Inc.

Founded In: 1993

Twitter ID: SAPConcur

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