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Scalefast is a platform that provides e-commerce solutions. It combines the features of cloud technology with the business infrastructure to help you grow your business. It includes many things like customer relationship management tools, data security features, SEO management, promotions management, multi-store management, and many more.

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Scalefast Quick Info

Companies today are doing business on the digital platform with the help of the Internet. These e-commerce businesses need to manage various aspects of business, like promotions, CRM, security, etc. Scalefast company deals in providing e-commerce solutions to businesses of every size.

Enterprise Commerce Cloud of Scalefast

This cloud is built to provide many features like affiliate management, social sharing, subscription management, and many more. It enables businesses to understand the shoppers of today as well as tomorrow. It manages the inventory in real-time. The processes related to the orders like the placement of the order, delivery, refund, if any, etc. are taken care of by the Scalefast commerce cloud. It enables you to e-commerce tools your Scalefast store so that you can use the benefits of those tools.

Global e-commerce Infrastructure

Scalefast takes care of the hosting, security, maintenance, and monitoring of your online store. The infrastructure includes many beneficial features like load-balanced pool, worldwide Content Delivery network, continuous power supply, monitoring of the hardware 24/7, and many more. It has geolocation routing so that location-based monitoring can be done. It provides a plan for business continuity. It handles high-volume merchants and sudden traffic issues.


It uses the best security standards and technologies. It makes use of inspection firewalls for scanning. The use of intrusion prevention systems prevents the intruder from creating problems. It encrypts the personal data and makes use of the anonymization techniques for its database security. It provides authentication by restricting the access to servers and data to authorized people. It makes use of the two-factor authentication technique and IP restriction technique. It backups the daily encrypted snapshots and store them at a safe location. It also gives you the disaster recovery plan to deal with natural disasters and cyber-attacks.

Scalefast at its best

By using Scalefast, you can sell your products/services through social channels and web stores. You can make a catalog of products and services. It provides you with many marketing strategies to enhance your reach and productivity. It provides you with reports meant for analytics. It has subscription dashboards and metrics for handling subscription related activities.

Company Information

Company Name: Scalefast

Founded In: 2014

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