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Scapple is a simple mind mapping tool that allows users to note down ideas quickly and create connections between these ideas. The dashboard is like a text editor where users can write down notes anywhere on the page and link them using dotted lines or arrows. The best part of Scapple is its simplicity and user-friendliness that allows users to note and manage ideas in any way possible without having to follow any rules.

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Scapple Quick Info

A train of thoughts may come at any time in the mind of a person. These thoughts can be useless or can lead to a path-breaking conclusion. The human brain has a habit of connecting the dots on the go. Before arriving at some solid decision, its often advised creating an abstract of such thoughts on a piece of paper. People do not carry pen and pen wherever they go, but they do carry their smartphones. Scapple can bring life to the thoughts of a person by virtualising the connection of dots.

Unlimited space

Unlike the common mode of creating connections via pen and paper in hand, Scapple provides limitless space. Making changes to this train on paper can get a bit messy in the end. Scrapple shines above traditional methods in this aspect. Believe it or not, it is really a child’s play to join the thoughts. One can even leave a thought isolated for the time being and can include it sometime later. Scrapple provides absolute freedom to the user. It is the best tool available in the market to experiment with thoughts.

An extremely easy-to-use software

In the large-sized virtual board provided by Scapple, its completely up to the user to decide the portion to use. In case a point is connected in the wrong fashion, one can change its location in the blink of an eye. One can customise the appearance of the virtual board in a way that suits his needs.  One can group together ideas that fall under a common category. Before making connections between notes, one can assemble them.

Easy to get started

Unlike other software, it does not require much knowledge to get started. Scapple is pretty much straightforward to understand. It comes in two versions – one for Windows, the other for Mac. An idea that gets the backing of people on its side is likely to come to life much faster than ordinary ideas. Scapple can share ideas with anyone. Available as a trialware, it’s a great experimentation tool for anyone.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Writing Notes
  • Virtual Paper
  • Connecting Notes
  • Drag-n-drop Tool
  • Stacking Notes
  • Related Ideas Notes
  • Dragging Notes
  • Notes Customization
  • Simple & Easy-to-use Interface
  • Moving & Arranging Notes
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Multiple Formats Exporting
  • Printable Files
  • Grouping Notes
  • Background Shapes Creation

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