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Schoology is an award-winning learning management software designed specifically for teachers and school administrators. It features student engagement, easy mastery learning, complete resources, easy course management, critical performance tracking data, actionable analytics, one mobile app, unlimited integrations, greater content flexibility, truly connected campus, and meaningful student collaboration. The enterprise solution of the software is available.

Top Ten Schoology alternatives are (1) Blackboard (2) Instructure (3) Edmodo (4) SuccessFactors (5) ProProfs (6) Moodle (7) Haiku Learning (8) Litmos (9) LearnDash and (10) Grovo

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15 Alternatives



15 Alternatives

Top Schoology Alternatives

Schoology Quick Info

Schoology is an LMS used by students and teachers for collaborating, sharing, managing, monitoring, and communicating. It provides various features for collaborating and managing the academic content and other activities. Apart from students and teachers, the platform is also useful for parents and academic advisors.

Your access: student, teacher, or parent

You can create an account as a student, a teacher or instructor, or a parent. You need to provide different sets of details to create an account. You can create a teacher’s account. To create an account as a student, you need to acquire an access code from the instructor. Similarly, you need to provide an access code from the profile of the child to create a parent account. All three accounts provide different options and rights on the platform.

Different roles, different rights

As mentioned above, every role is associated with different sets of rights. Teachers can create folders regarding the content, videos, concepts, and texts lectures. Alternatively, you can create and post assignments and quizzes for the students and can then receive the completed ones from the students. Students and teachers can communicate with each other through online chat or the platform’s discussion boards. In the same way, parents can have a watch at their kid’s progress.

Other features and issues

It is a social network or a global community that connects the instructors and teachers worldwide. It becomes easy to maintain and manage the content and classes. It allows teachers to share their skills, techniques, and experience that helps them to improve theirs. There is a limitation of the platform that it works as a simultaneous digital classroom. It means, when the actual classroom in a school ends, it also ends in the Schoology. Also, the courses are volatile; they expire at a certain time. No one can then access them. Except for these limitations, it is an overall package for digital schooling and is indeed beneficial in all aspects.

Top Features

K-12 & Higher-ed
  • Connecting School
  • Boosting Districtwide Collaboration
  • Global Network Support
  • Easy Systems Integration
  • Tracking Insights
  • Mobile Application
  • Learning Personalization
  • Data & Analytics
  • Connecting Institution
  • Global Scale Collaboration
  • Front-end Individualized Instruction
  • Content Utilization
  • Exploring & Discovering Apps
  • Managing SIS Data
  • Custom Integrations
  • Open API Access
  • Flexible & Self-paced Courses
  • Monitoring & Tracking Progress
  • Data-informed Decisions
  • Increasing Employee Engagement
  • Simple Company Communication
  • Collaboration & Sharing
  • Multiple Device Access

Company Information

Company Name: Schoology, Inc

Founded In: 2009

Address: 115 W 30th St 10th Floor, New York, New York, USA

Facebook ID: schoology

Twitter ID: schoology