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Sciforma offers a project and portfolio management service that adapts unique nature of company. It uses the advanced technologies to provide a solution to approach project and portfolio management. The powerful tools offered by Sciforma, the extensions; is a ready to use tool for any project. This software has an easy to install app facility that updates automatically and are compatible and configurable. Ranking, portfolio control, investment analysis and capacity planning are the key feature of this software.

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Top Features

Strategic Management
  • Idea Identification
  • Planning Capacity
  • Ranking Ideas
  • Business Case
  • Portfolio Control
  • Investment Analysis
Functional Management
  • On-Going Operations
  • Managing Projects
  • Managing Resources
  • Risk Management
  • Managing Budgeting
  • Changes Request
Execution Management
  • Tracking Time
  • Managing Calendars
  • Managing Demands
  • Managing Issues

Company Information

Company Name: Sciforma Corporation

Founded In: 1982

Address: 985 University Ave, Ste 5, Los Gatos, California, USA

Facebook ID: sciforma

Twitter ID: sciforma

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