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SE Ranking is an online tool used for Search Engine rank tracking. Online businesses and websites use this application to analyze the performance of their keywords in various search engines. SE Ranking is known to track accurate and fast real-time ranks in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines for any website. The software not only updates ranks automatically, but also prepares customizable reports for your clients.

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SE Ranking

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SE Ranking Quick Info

SEO is an important part of any brand’s online marketing efforts. As many studies have shown that the majority of traffic coming to websites is organic generally sourced from search engines. Therefore, optimizing the content on the website and implementing crucial SEO strategies becomes crucial. However, the bottleneck with SEO is that it requires a fair amount of proficiency with web designing tools. And everybody may not be necessarily skilled at using such tools. To help such users leverage their SEO and increase organic traffic on their website, SE Ranking offers an online SEO tool that assists users in optimizing various aspects of their SEO strategy.

SE Ranking is an indispensable search engine optimization software that needs to be used by every webmaster and online marketer that seriously want to achieve top ranking for their website. It is created by a software company that is based in London, England. The company was founded in 2013.

100% Accuracy

SE Ranking provides tracking results that are accurate and based on proven data from each search engine. No matter what search engine that you choose to track your website, the tracking result of this software can give you the actual data about your website position, with 100% accuracy. It can help you to measure your website performance in the best possible way, and use the necessary steps to advance your ranking. In order to track your website in any search engine, you just need to choose your preferred search engine to track, and choose the region that you want to track.

The SEO strategy and its phases

The SEO strategy is generally implemented in different phases and SE Ranking offers a tool for each phase. The initial phase is about building a keyword strategy. To aid the process, the platform offers different tools like the keyword suggestion tool and keyword grouper. The keyword suggestion tool consists of over two billion unique keywords and offers intuitive one-click search options to users. he formulation of a keyword strategy is followed by the process of optimizing on-page SEO. The platform offers tools like Website audit and on-page checker to aid the process. The uniqueness of the Website Audit tool is that it can even access closed domains.

Off-page SEO

On-page SEO is followed by the off-page SEO strategy. Off-page SEO is about building credible backlinks and monitoring. The platform offers tools like keyword rank tracker and features like backlink monitoring to help users build a comprehensive off-page SEO strategy and implement it effectively. When it comes to search ranking the off-page SEO is as crucial as the on-page and hence monitoring backlinks to avoid unnecessary penalties by search engine algorithms becomes very important.

Social media management

Additionally, the platform also offers other tools such as the SEO competitor research that enables users to search for the list of competitors for a search query. The users can also access the historical data for a particular search query and design a better keyword strategy. Apart from these, the platform also offers social media management tools that help users in enhancing their social media strategy and make insights-driven marketing decisions.

Fully Automated System

This SEO software is all about automation and simplicity. You no longer have to put your data manually or do things in the old-fashioned way. With fully automated system, you are able to speedily increase your website ranking and get speedy results. The reports offered by this software are presented to you with detailed statistical data, which is updated in real time. It provides you with the daily monitoring tool for any search engine, which gives you the information that you need anytime you need it. You can download the PDF reports of the tracking data anytime, and you can even brand your report with your company logo to make it look more professional.

White Label

The white label feature from SE Ranking allows you to brand the software with your own company logo, so that you can keep this software personalized for your business. This feature is available for SE Ranking Cloud and SE Ranking PHP version. The white label feature allows you to brand your SEO reports with your company logo as well as use your own domain to access the software. Not only that, you can also brand and personalize all aspects of the software, including the admin panel and the general user interface.

PHP Version

The PHP Version of SE Ranking provides you with the complete script to use on your own server. You can install this software on your own server and run it fully without any limitation, for as long as your server can handle the process. The PHP version comes with a fixed price for the license, which you need to buy before you use it on your server. It offers various features, such as unlimited keywords, unlimited websites, unlimited search engines, automatic daily updates, white label, financial audit, competitor monitoring, and more. However, it doesn’t allow you to do website audit and monitor your website backlinks. It provides free updates and technical support for 1 year, and you need to pay half of the price of the software each year for continued updates and support.


SE Ranking provides accurate data to track your website ranking in various search engines, with advanced keyword analysis. It also provides the necessary tools for you to help your website achieve top ranking for your targeted keywords.


The number of keywords that you can research is limited in each plan, which requires you to pay more depending on the keywords that you want to track. You are only allowed to track for unlimited campaigns if you choose the expensive plans.


Provides a fully automated and easy to configure rank tracking platform for your website, with the ability to track your competitors as well as create custom branded reports. There are four different pricing options available: Personal, Optimum, Plus, and Enterprise.


Every website owner and online marketer needs a way to measure their website performance in the search engine, and SE Ranking can provide a complete analysis of their website performance in one platform. Unlike any other SEO software that usually offers only half-baked solution for your SEO, this software provides all-in-one tools that are necessary for you to measure your progress, as well as advance your website ranking quickly. With the flexible pricing plans that you can choose between the Cloud and PHP version, you can pick the one that you need the most, without having to break the bank. Overall, this is a good SEO software for any webmaster and online marketer that wants to accurately monitor their website performance without having to use too many SEO services at the same time, as this software offers complete analysis tools that they need in one platform.

Top Features

Core Features
  • Tracking Position
  • Auditing Website
  • Keyword Suggetion Tool
  • Monitoring Backlinks
  • Marketing Planning
  • SEO Reporting
  • White-label Reports
  • Tracking Keyword Volume
  • Page Rank Info
  • Google Index Info
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Ranking Graphs
  • Multiple Backlink Parameters
  • Monitoring Competitors
  • Checking Search-engine Positions
  • Geolocation-based Tracking
  • Tracking Landing-page Ranking
  • Monitoring Social Group
  • Monitoring Youtube Channels
  • Adjustable Positions
  • Webmaster Tools Integration
Administration & Others
  • Additional Account Management
  • Performance-based SEO Invoicing
  • Custom Groups
  • Filtering & Sorting Queries
  • Project Notes
  • Notification System
  • API Access
  • Mobile Application
  • Importing & Exporting Data
  • Multi-language Supported

Company Information

Company Name: SE Ranking Limited

Founded In: 2013

Address: 22 Great Marlborough Street, London, UK

Facebook ID: serankingcom

Twitter ID: SERanking

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