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SearchBug is an online search engine to find people and businesses. The platform allows users to make a search for any people or business by name, location or phone number. Various tools and services offered by SearchBug include reverse phone lookup, professional skip tracing, background check, bank account search, verify mailing address, identify phone line type, free text messaging, reverse address lookup, place of employment search, property search, and much more.

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SearchBug Quick Info

SearchBug is a people search software that also verifies their phone numbers. It was developed in 1995 as by an exceptional student named Andre Polakoff. It was then extended to also search for jobs, legal info, shopping, and various other fields. The site was then renamed in the year 2000 to After receiving lots of focus and attention towards people search, and after having collaborated with other notable partners, SearchBug ceased offering other search services and solely concentrated on people and business searches.

DIY in Business Services

SearchBug provides a unique do-it-yourself batch data appending service which is useful for businesses as they need not wait for the report generation and just do it on their own and get the results anytime they need. The traditional need for having to request an extensive quotation to get your data properly processed is removed by the easy online DIY process introduced which is also conveniently fully automated. The whole process and the data that is verified and validated are handled securely.

SearchBug APIs

APIs designed by SearchBug is such that they make it easy for your local developers to seamlessly integrate it into your systems be it a mobile or a website. They can build applications for your native systems with ease, and the tools can be integrated to perform live search even on a mobile app. SearchBug also supports bulk search by tools that support XML and Jason output. Additionally, there are generous discounts on bulk searches too and there is no set minimum search or maximum search count that one typically has to limit oneself to.

So while you are getting what you want quickly, you are also earning a discount on it. People APIs by SearchBug are strategically designed for more extensive searches on people to carefully check for their criminal records or any other legal status and information available. SearchBug has a solid technical support team that is ready anytime for your support and they also help in designing custom APIs to fit your unique needs depending on the distinct data search needed.

Company Information

Company Name: SearchBug, Inc.

Founded In: 1995

Address: 364 2nd St. Suite 4, Encinitas, California, USA

Facebook ID: searchbuginc

Twitter ID: searchbug