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SelluSeller is an e-commerce software focusing mainly on organizations based in the Asia-Pacific region. It is based on the marketplace model which gives it a clear edge over other models of e-commerce. It assists businesses on multiple platforms and makes handling them easy.

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SelluSeller Quick Info

The Asian market follows a different trend throughout the continent. Customers tend to ‘browse and buy’ rather than ‘search and buy’. This makes it imperative for businesses of all sizes to be present on all platforms to cover the vast online market. SelluSeller is an e-commerce software that covers different channels on the Asia-Pacific online market and to streamline operations on these multiple platforms and saves you from the trouble of falling into any complexities.

Automate multi-channel selling

SelluSeller instantly connects you with more than a hundred e-commerce marketplaces, web stores, ERPs, and accounting tools which ensures your presence in the market with ease. You can centrally manage the operations on any channel through the SelluSeller dashboard. It has a centralized inventory, order management, and product management system. You do not have to provide data whenever a new e-commerce website is launched because SelluSeller automatically launches your products on new platforms. It is an amazing tool to promote your products in the best manner.

Manage products in real-time

SelluSeller is a cloud-based SaaS platform that keeps a real-time record of stocks and orders placed and the location from where the order has been placed. It efficiently acts as an import/export manager, order and returns manager, sales forecaster, shipping manager, and warehouse manager. It also keeps your catalog updated. You can also design and schedule your product promotions on different websites. SelluSeller gives a measurable report on each product broken down in regions, brands, online shops, and market places. This helps you to track daily sales growth and decide accordingly.

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