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Selly is a platform that allows businesses in the digital world to set up their online and increase their customer base and revenue without any difficulties. It also helps organizations in integrating their e-stores with a huge number of payment services, thus, making online commerce a hassle-free process. It is available as a cloud-based software service that can be accessed through the web on any device.

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Selly Quick Info

Selly is a cloud-based software service for small and medium-sized enterprises to help them set up their online stores. The stores set up by Selly can be customized as per the user's wishes in terms of how they pitch or appear to a potential client. The e-stores setup using Selly never face a problem when it comes to payment options as it provides a third-party API to integrate all payment options, including even cryptocurrency. It also helps store owners in-store and client management.

Commence the commerce

The first step to commerce is to set up a store. Selly allows users to customize their shop using the editable HTML/CSS, which are easily understandable and customizable. As the goods sold in e-store made on Selly are digital, they get delivered at a lightning-fast speed without any problems. Users also get the liberty to create coupons to attract a greater number of users.

Another important aspect of commerce is customer care, and Selly makes sure that they are available for their customers 24/7. Users get the customer care option built-in their platform to contact the team at Selly and get their queries solved in a moment.

Infinite resources

Without a doubt, an essential part of any commerce or trade is money. Money is the resource exchanged to avail the service or buy a commodity from a buyer or any platform. The new generation has seen many payment ways to evolve over the years and the introduction of a few amazing ways to complete the transactions. While the evolution of customers paying their money in the form of cash or card involves them paying their amount connected to the bank, recently, newer methods of payment have taken over the market – cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency bought like stocks by an individual. The value of this currency depends on day to day market and economic conditions. Today, even cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment in trade and commerce. Usage of cryptocurrency like money has taken over many platforms as a surprise, but not Selly. Selly allows integration of third party plugin that acts as a payment gateway for all currencies and even allows traders to accept cryptocurrencies.

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