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Need to push for a more vibrant online connection with potential and old customers or simply communicate with them better? Nothing says personal connection as a nice email. SendBlaster is one of the best bulk mail software in the business. Available in two versions- Free and SendBlasterPro, it is all you need to start sending snazzy personalized emails you need to make your business run more efficiently and for it to grow.

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SendBlaster Quick Info

SendBlaster is your ultimate solution for all your email campaign needs. Prepare the most eye-catching, informative, snazziest newsletters and visuals for your customers and send those out with ease and convenience.

1x1 pixel tracking

SendBlaster employs an advanced tracking and analysis method, which lets you see for yourself how your campaign has been faring. With Google analytics and Track Reports integration, you can see everything from the overall opening rates and reading time down to individual user’s stats. 1x1 pixel tracking improves customer engagement and tracking as it allows you to conduct tracking in a non-obtrusive way as it will not hamper the customer experience and not bring down your visual presentation.

Ease and efficiency

SendBlaster takes away the mundane part of your work. Automatic email duplicate detection ensures that there are no embarrassing resending of your email content. SendBlaster also automatically completes any of your emails which had been in previous sessions interrupted. It also provides you the feature of being able to send scheduled emails, which you don’t need to compose and send, manually over and over again.

Better Organisation

SendBlaster has tons of features that make organizing and managing your email campaign more orderly and efficient. Manage any number of lists, add or move multiple lists according to your rules or even create a blacklist. It also lets you create multiple segments of pre-existing lists to make it easier to tackle and to let you mail only a part of the list. SendBlaster can help you do it all. Maintaining a large database can be tough and thus has an inbuilt tool that helps you optimise it from time to time. SendBlaster also automatically manages Bouncebacks and Subscription lists so that you don't have to.

Better presentation

For experienced designers, pro4 allows better control down right to the HTML source code. Others can avail the use of the simple visual editor and or use the large selection of templates available and much more. With a better HTML engine than its predecessor, get better image rendering for your newsletter. Integration with JotForm and MailStyler should also be useful in creating content compatible with any kind of client or management systems. Send highly personalised emails addressed to each customer by their name and with whatever modifications you deem necessary to reel in even the most uninterested.

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