By: Send Technology Inc.

Sendinc Email Encryption enables sending secure emails without any software requirement and encryption keys. It provides complete end-to-end encryption while maintaining high uptime. It maintains corporate and government regulatory compliance. Only the intended recipient can receive the email since the encryption keys used to secure the message are not stored by Sendinc or any external third party.

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  • Protonmail
  • TrendMicro Email Encryption
  • Proofpoint Essentials
  • Virtru
  • Entrust Email Security
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  • HP SecureMail
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  • ZixGateway
  • Protected Trust
  • TigerText
  • ePrism
  • Jumble


15 Alternatives

Top Sendinc Alternatives

Top Features

  • Military-grade Encryption
  • Unlimited Messages Encryption
  • 10GB Messages Storage
  • Upto 200MB Meesages
  • Custom messages Expiration
  • Messages Retraction
  • Auditing Messages
  • Administrative Tools
  • Cobranding Supported
  • Decrypt Messages
  • Outlook Add-in
  • Receiving Encrypted Email
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • SMTP API Access
  • RESTful API Access

Company Information

Company Name: Send Technology Inc.

Founded In: 2005

Address: 2556 Elm Street, Dallas, TX, USA

Facebook ID: EmailEncryption

Twitter ID: sendinc