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SendX is a full-service email marketing tool that assists users in every step of their email marketing journey. Apart from the standard design and development features on offer, the tool offers advanced deliverability features that are essential in ensuring the successful delivery of emails into users' mailboxes.

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SendX Quick Info

Most companies today follow an integrated marketing strategy. Both traditional, as well as modern marketing channels, form a part of that strategy. Email marketing also forms an essential part of the plan and is extensively used by companies around the world. While the more giant corporations have the best of developers and designers working on making their email marketing campaigns a success, the smaller organizations do not.

They do not have the luxury of hiring staff that focusses solely on email marketing, and hence they end up using several tools as a substitute. Although there are quite a few tools that offer a 360-degree solution to email marketing, available in the marketplace, none quite seem to get the deliverability right.

The Sendx advantage

Therefore, to help organizations eliminate deliverability issues and enjoy success with their email marketing campaigns, Sendx offers an email marketing tool that comes equipped with advanced deliverability features. The tool takes over thirty parameters into account before delivering emails. Some of these parameters are open behavior, domain name, and Internet service provider (ISP).

While the tool focusses extensively on deliverability, it also has some other unique features on offer. For instance, the tool comes with a repository of 500,000 stock photos that are free to download. The images used in emails form an integral part of the overall message the sender wants to convey and hence can also influence the user activity on that email.

Heatmaps for better analysis

Apart from these, the tool also offers users the option to generate heatmaps. Heatmaps provide users with an idea of the effectiveness of the various CTA buttons placed in the mail. It also helps them try out different options before finalizing on one. Drip emails are considered as an innovative medium of engaging and interacting with leads. With every passing email, the leads get filtered out based on their interest level, and only the ones with a higher chance of conversion make it to the final stages. This helps marketers in adopting a more focussed approach.

Additionally, Sendx also provides users with several features like automation and audience segmentation.

Company Information

Company Name: SendX

Founded In: 2016

Twitter ID: sendxio

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