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Sendy is an application that allows you to send an email newsletter to multiple numbers of people at a very cheaper rate than other email services. The emails sent can be tracked and analyzed. You can send emails in bulks via its Amazon SES that is much cheaper and increase your deliverability.

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Sendy Quick Info

When you opt for newsletter or email services from a third-party application or software it gets lot pricier when you increase the number of recipients and emails. Opting for a monthly plan is also heavy on the pocket rather if you are not a regular sender. When you choose for a bigger subscriber base, you may find yourself paying more than usual for the services that can be a lot cheaper with other platforms.

Sendy, therefore, cuts these extra hefty costs and gives you a better service that is faster, cheaper and productive for a 100 times lesser rate.

About Sendy and how does it give you the cheapest email sending service?

As your subscriber rate grows, so does your costing per campaign. With Sendy, you can send the emails at a 100x cheaper rate. How? The site sends emails with multiple threads, quickly and easily through the Amazon SES also known as the Simple Email Service. The cost is calculated at around $1 for every 10,000 emails sent.

The site creates attractive reports of every campaign you undertake, by showing you the accurate opens, bounces, clicks, and countries opened in a chart data format. You can also segregate multiple products and services in a well-organized manner listed as brands. You can set up a limit to the emails you send per month as well as adjust the client privileges. You can additionally have custom domains, Blacklists, Third-party integration and much more.

Pricing, customer reviews and installation instructions

The platform can be installed on a single domain for one license. It runs on the webserver being a half hosted application. You can install it online on an Apache server similar to the word press. Sendy accepts payments online through PayPal and it is a one-time amount. You have to pay a $59 fee once and for all and your application will be ready to use. The site also ensures that if you have a bug or any issue with the service that remains unsolved, you can apply and successfully get a refund in no time.

Company Information

Company Name: Sendy

Twitter ID: getSendy

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