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SEOPanel is the world's first SEO Control Panel that can be used for multiple websites. It is one of the world's best open source SEO software that has been awarded "Best SEO Software" by GoodTimes. Being open-source, SEOPanel urges others to be innovative and integrate their own ideas into it as well.

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Seo Panel

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Seo Panel Quick Info

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of increasing both the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through search engine results. All organizations that have websites employ SEO currently, as it increases the chances for them to appear higher in results. But SEO is a time hungry and stressful task. So to make this task more manageable, they can use SEOPanel. SEOPanel is not only open source, but it also has multiple impressive features such as the site-auditor that helps websites appear more frequently. SEOPanel also gives the option for users to maintain various websites at a time.

Get more keywords in!

Keywords can make or break a search result. Many companies falter in this aspect as they do not know how to place their keywords. To address this issue, SEOPanel makes use of an astounding keyword position checker. SEOPanel makes use of it to find the position of keywords used in search engine results. By giving detailed reports and graphs of these keywords compared to daily results of different search engines, users can either alter or reposition their keywords. Doing so will help rank their websites at a higher position.

The Search Engine Saturation Checker

Many websites may appear on one search engine at a high position, but that might not be replicated on other search engines. SEOPanel makes use of its Search Engine Saturation checker. Using it will find the number of indexed pages the website on different search engines such as Google, MSN, among others, and stores it in the system. Having data such as this is invaluable as it shows how their websites rank on different search engines.

There is so much more

SEOPanel uses its Automatic directory submission tool to help users submit their websites into internet directories that are well known, whether they're free or paid. It uses Google's PageRank and Alexa’s ranking system to ascertain each website's daily rank with detailed reports. It also uses its PageSpeed to find the site's desktop and mobile speed as well as the usability of websites and stores in their system. There are many more features provided by SEOPanel, making it the go-to software for SEO.

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