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Website monitoring and alerting services are provided by Service Uptime since 2005. 3 packages of monitoring, offered by company are Standard, Advanced, and Professional. Their features vary as per their pricing. Some common features are frequent monitoring with SMS/email notifications. It also offers support for all servers and ports such as web servers, PING, POP3 servers, MY SQL servers, SMTP servers, Download servers, and so forth.

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Service Uptime

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Top Features

Core Features
  • Worldwide Monitoring Locations
  • Email & SMS Alerts
  • Uptime & Performance Reporting
  • Summary Statistics
  • Scheduling Maintenance
  • Account Lifetime Statistics
  • Monitoring Partner Link
  • Availability Check
  • Public Statistics
  • Company Branded Reports
  • False Alerts Check
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting
  • Custom Timezone
Website Monitoring
  • Custom Monitoring Frequency
  • Monitoring Sevices & Ports
  • Monitoring Webpage
  • Monitoring Website Ping
  • Monitoring Web Servers
  • Monitoring Email Servers
  • Monitoring Link Check
  • Monitoring FTP Servers
  • Monitoring DNS Servers
  • DNS Lookup
  • Monitoring Custom Servers
  • Monitoring MySQL Servers

Company Information

Company Name: Service Uptime

Founded In: 2005

Address: 711 Bay ave, Ocean City, NJ, USA

Facebook ID: serviceuptime

Twitter ID: serviceuptime