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Sitebulb is a tool that deals with search engine optimization (SEO). It is also a crawler for websites that provides reporting about the performance of the website. It benefits many consultants, freelancers, and agencies. It helps in expressing complex ideas in a simple way and with the utmost clarity.

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Sitebulb Quick Info

A website needs to be monitored so that the quality of the performance can be measured. In the field of digital marketing, the SEO technique helps in measuring the performance of a website in an organic way. It provides organic results with optimization. The optimization includes many things like editing of the content, modifying HTML of the page, indexing activities, etc.

Improve quality organically.

Sitebulb helps in improving the quality of your website by providing optimizing results. It is a desktop-based crawler. It provides insights and recommended actions for the betterment of the website.  The report contains a detailed explanation of the performance. It tells you how friendly your website is and what rank it is getting in the Google search results. It mentions all the broken internal or external links. It shows you the server response codes and the crawl depth. You can identify the traffic gaps by using Sitebulb. Overall, it displays which pages are getting traffic organically and which pages are getting low or no traffic.

Security to Customers

One of the important aspects of building a successful website is to build trust among visitors. This can be done by ensuring that their data is safe. As a website owner, you also need the security of your data. Sitebulb uses a security audit that mentions security threats that may occur on every page of your website. It runs the security check process in parallel with the crawling process. It always points out the important security issues, if any. It performs security tests on each page of the website.

What makes Sitebulb a popular tool?

Sitebulb is a desktop product, so you need to install it on your computer, and it uses your computer’s resources like RAM, CPU, etc. This is beneficial because you don’t have to wait for the instance of the Cloud to start the process; instead, you can start crawling immediately. It is less expensive. It saves your time by performing optimization automatically. The data that it presents to you can be in different forms like graphs, tables, etc. It has a feature called “hints,” using which you get a notification to focus on some priority basis critical issues.

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