Impress with beautiful video creation using an online platform. Slide offers a social video creating a platform with unique products to create, and share videos, create gallery, collage, and visually connect people and Businesses across categories with compelling stories.

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11 Alternatives

Top Alternatives Quick Info

Slidely is an online content creation platform that allows individuals and businesses to create professional videos for online marketing. It was found in 2012, and currently has a user base of over 100 Million.

Slidely Show

Slidely show allows you to use your favorite photos from Facebook, Instagram, or any other image platform along with the music of your choice from any music streaming platform or audio file to create beautiful slideshows.

Slidely is available for phones too on both Google Play Store as well as App Store, for Android and iOS, respectively.

Slidely Collage, and Slidely Gallery

Slidely allows users to use the collection of photos to create photo cards or colleges in the pattern they love, as Slidely has over 80 templates to choose from. Collage can be converted to slideshow animation or animated photo gallery on one tap.

Slidely Gallery allows users to create a collection of photos with remix feature and even add music as they move.

Slidely Capture, and Slidely Video

Slidely Capture allows you to capture your favorite moments from video and apply unique filters and effects.

Slidely Video available on iPhone allows users to apply filters and effects on capture videos and share them on YouTube.


Promo is an online video creator for businesses and agencies, created by Slidely. It has thousands of video templates, and the users in charge just have to find the right video template that suits their advertised service or product and then place their text, icons, or logos as per their requirements, and their advertisement will be ready.


Slidely allows users to create professional videos for advertising and marketing with access to all the online features without any cost. However, there is a catch as a user cannot download the videos made online, and there is a separate price user has to pay for accessing premium features like downloading videos and then putting it on as advertisement on any social media platform.

Overall, the number of features available and easiness of the application does make it worth it for the users who are serious regarding video marketing in a professional way.

Top Features

  • Create Beautiful Marketing Videos
  • Add Your Logo
  • High-quality Video Library
  • Customize Packaged Videos
  • Reach Out Anytime Anywhere
  • Lifetime License
  • Create Own Video
  • Premium Video Clips.
  • Capture Photos And Sequences
  • Add Fun Stickers
  • Share On Social Media.
  • Create Fun Music Videos
  • Add Real-time Effects
  • Stitch Scenes Together
  • Upload To YouTube
  • Save To Device
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Embed Slideshows
  • Set Custom Parameters.
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