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Smart AdServer is an advertising platform that allows advertisers to publish, manage and optimize their rich media ads on websites, apps and mobile sites of publishers. Some of Smart AdServer features include an all-inclusive ad server, mobile compatible allowing ads on mobile sites & apps, multiple ad formats including rich media and video ads, audience-targeted ads, real time bidding for more profits and round the clock support.

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Smart AdServer

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Smart AdServer Quick Info

It is very important to reach a valuable audience within a short period and create a business transaction model that favors your trade and tariffs. Smart helps you create that and leads you to the path of ultimate control and optimization. This is to ensure that all the variables of your business enterprise are under your section of supervision and control and that there is no possibility of errors which might backfire or malfunction to harm your reputation or career.

Gaining trust over time

The trust and legacy Smart has built up over the years is untainted with any error or malfunction and has been praised over and over by all its clients and customers. It is extremely crucial to thriving under pressure and the constant fear of change in the market with courage and wisdom. They have thrived several such decades with refulgence and confidence. They have a section of bright and motivated people who are exceptionally well trained and help the business organizations who come to work with them.

Trending towards safety and confidence

Dreaming on towards different ventures and exemplary performance in all of them, it is understandable totally to have concerns about your business whether you are a sophomore or you are an experienced player in this field. It is naturally restorative and liberating to have someone who consults your business model to understand your objectives and then optimizes it to create a loophole-free model that only steps towards lucrative outcomes and risks on those odds which are in your favor.

Dedicated and hardworking towards their goals

Getting to reach your goals and helping your company ace the market with all the strategies and tools they have in their bag and ensuring that our incredible customer care team is here for you for at all times, whether day or night, around the clock to manage emergencies is our policy. It is not only endearing and amicable to have a group of online members who can help you resolve your problems but also helps you focus on your business more. It appeals to a large variety of customers and clients who have set up their businesses and handed over crucial responsibilities to us.

Top Features

  • Advertising Platform
  • Rich Media Ads
  • Inclusive Ad Server
  • Video Ads Management
  • Audience-Targeted Ads
  • Real Time Bidding
  • Multi-Screen Advertising
  • Multi-Channel Advertising
  • Holistic Ad Server
  • Precisely Manage Inventory
  • Yield Management Services
  • Cross-Platform Options
  • Specific Targeting Segmentation
  • Seamlessly Integrated
  • Flexible Technology
  • Digital Formats & Screens
  • Traffic & Inventory Forecasting
  • Intuitive Interface

Company Information

Company Name: Smart AdServer

Founded In: 2001

Address: 8 rue St fiacre, Paris, France

Facebook ID: SmartAdServer

Twitter ID: SmartAdServerEN