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Provides online project management software designed for business of all sizes. It features collaboration, file sharing, Gantt charts, alerts and reminders, calendars, Google Apps, mobile apps, web forms, resource management, reporting, enterprise platform, and more. It offers third-party connections with other apps, including Backup Tool, Box, Data Tracker, Evernote, Gmail, Dropbox, and Microsoft Outlook.

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Smartsheet Quick Info

Smartsheet is a cross-platform cloud-based SaaS from Smartsheet Inc., a Washington-based software provider. It is designed to give project managers the flexibility that is required to make each and every project perfect and make its lifecycle smoother. As a project management platform, it can be used to set the initial goals, assign each process to the corresponding specialist team member, view and analyze the workflow, manage meetings and audits related to the job and do many other things as well. It can also be used as a powerful and secure file sharing and team communication platform for sharing insights regarding the current project. All in all, it is a perfect smart solution for teams of all sizes, all around the world, working for the development of any type of project.

Simplicity in project management

Smartsheet offers a lot of functionality, but it never leaves its characteristic simplicity. All its features are offered in a very streamlined manner and can be easily accessed right from the dashboard when the need arises. One of the greatest features of Smartsheet is its Smartsheet view, which increases the usability of the software tenfold by showing the project data, assignments and more in a simple, excel-like tabular format. These tables can be customized by the user in order to view or hide additional project information. This means that the view offered is multi-layered in nature and several projects (or multipart projects) can be managed at once.

Powerful Smartsheet-based management

These "Smartsheet" are extensively customizable. But unlike simple excel cells, every cell in Smartsheet has its own purpose. They can be set as deadline cells, assignment cells, and file cells. Thus, they can be sorted and managed according to their data type, like sorting based on the due date of the task or based on the date of an event. This induces additional flexibility of work and ensures that the projects are always right in the track. 

Top Features

Core Features
  • Custom Licensed Users
  • Unlimited Collaborators
  • Unlimited Sheets
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • Gantt Charts
  • Web Forms
  • Mobile Application
  • Custom Color & Logos
  • Managing Users & groups
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Managing Resources
  • Single Sign-On
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Live Data Connector
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Sights & Calendars
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Cell Linking

Company Information

Company Name:, Inc.

Founded In: 2005

Address: 10500 NE 8th St Suite 1300, Bellevue, WA, USA

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