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SmartSurvey is a platform that allows corporations to collect data digitally through surveys. It provides powerful and intuitive tools to create engaging and compliant surveys brought to the targeted demographic through the use of various types of virtual channels like the internet or SMS messages.

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SmartSurvey Quick Info

Surveys have become the lifeblood of data collection for corporations, and SmartSurvey ensures that the surveys generated are reliable, secure, and completely compliant to GDPR norms. With SmartSurvey, designing complex, interwoven surveys with several additional gimmicks become possible, even without the inclusion of dedicated designers for the job. This makes it a good choice for smaller startups and larger businesses alike.

Beautiful and complex survey created in seconds

It is usually thought that engaging surveys are not easy to make, and complex surveys having more elements are even harder. SmartSurvey gleefully proves this notion wrong with its powerful survey-building UI, which uses a GUI approach to survey creation as opposed to standard coding. However, it doesn’t dumb down the features and provide even more logical control to the user than a standard solution, all in an accessible manner. This interface allows the more than twenty formats for presentation of the questions and methods of answering alone, which gives a nice idea of its level of depth.

Numerous methods to conduct surveys

SmartSurvey leaves no stones unturned while providing the company with channels for taking surveys. These channels don't necessarily need to be online channels; offline channels like SMS and IM services are also supported and can follow a logic similar to that of the desktop versions. A host of channels ensures that everyone in the contact list can be surveyed, and additional tricks associated with surveying ensure that the surveys are actually engaging and that the surveyed people provide the most reliable information. SmartSurvey can even provide specialized categories of people for voluntary surveying purposes.  

Getting information out of the data lot

SmartSurvey doesn’t stop at surveys only. It also provides several methods for the analysis of the huge amount of data collected through its surveys. These survey results are processed almost instantly and are displayed in a manner that allows comprehension of the various trends observed in the selected target demographic. Reports can include text, graphics in the form of data representation methods and images, all arranged and presented beautifully and simply. These data can also be presented to others via sharing links, with incredible control over the data shown.

Company Information

Company Name: SmartSurvey

Founded In: 2003

Twitter ID: SmartSurvey

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