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Snap Surveys

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Snap Surveys Quick Info

Surveys are used by organizations for different purposes. They can be used for getting customer feedback for existing products as well as new products and can also be used for collecting feedback from employees. Organizations around the world make use of survey tools like Snap Surveys to conduct these surveys. The tool offers survey software that comes with features that enable organizations in effective designing, distribution, collection, and reporting of surveys. The tool offers users the freedom to create surveys in any language. The users can use the tool to design surveys that engage the customers and ask the right questions.

Personalization options

Moreover, the surveys can also be personalized according to the customer and this is made possible by the feature that allows the merging of different databases with the tool. The tool further gives users the options to design and customize the surveys according to their product’s and brand’s image, to create a more personalized experience. Additionally, the two-way database linkage options allow the users to integrate database information with surveys. Creating engaging surveys has to be followed by an efficient collection and distribution process to ensure the success of such surveys.

Collection features

Therefore, to aid users inefficient collection of responses, the tool offers a variety of features. These include multi-format scanning, offline data collection, and paper survey scanning. The multi-format scanning features allow users to conduct surveys using multiple platforms. The surveys can be offered to customers on mobile devices, kiosks, online or in a paper format. Moreover, the tool also supports offline data collection and this makes it easy for users to collect data from customers living in remote places.

Reporting and analytics

The well-rounded collection and distribution features are aptly followed by reporting features. The tool offers its users with smart reporting features that make it easy for them to prepare intuitive reports. The tool further offers a range of analysis tools that help users in tracking various performance metrics and make changes to the process based on that. Efficient Safety and security is a must while handling customer data and hence the tool ensures the same by offering safety features like end-to-end data encryption and adhering to compliance standards like ISO 27001.

Company Information

Company Name: Snap Surveys Ltd.

Founded In: 1981

Twitter ID: SnapSurveys

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