By: José Enrique Martorano

SocialGest is a management platform for all types of social media handles of businesses and organizations. With its tools, companies can not only ensure that the right type and subject of the content is posted on the right occasion but can also gauge out how effective each post really has been for its popularity.

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SocialGest Quick Info

Companies around the world are always in search of an effective platform for managing their social media handles. Such digital social media marketing software ensures that the highest ROI is provided to the companies through its many features and support of multiple social platforms. SocialGest is a good example of this. It is widely used by companies in more than 30 countries around the world and is fully-loaded with features and an intuitive interface to make use of them easily.

Intelligent publishing techniques

SocialGest’s Publication module allows the user to utilize any device to set a schedule for releasing their content posts at just the right times. When a post is released haphazardly, it will not be as effective as the same post, carefully released at the time it has been deemed most effective. This not only helps in increased followers but also engages current followers and compels them to take a favorable action immediately. From its desktop application, users can manage the releases of posts and stories on their Instagram handle, schedule Twitter posts releases, manage Facebook posts, and much, much more.

Comment and DM management to engage and collaborate

Along with its post scheduling features, another feature that makes it a complete social media management platform is its level of control and automation of social inboxes. This is facilitated by the Social Inbox module. Using this module, companies can optimize their social communication workflows by sorting, reviewing, and performing bulk operations. This system also allows the user to identify deals and useful collaborative communications instantly and respond to them in real-time, ensuring that no opportunity is ever lost for the company or the user. For faster communications, inquiries can also be assigned to specific team members.

Proper analysis makes engagement perfect

Many social media management tools provide analytics, but they are either useless, or their outputs are so horribly non-optimized that they are confusing or convey the wrong information. SocialGest's Analyze negates this problem with a smooth UI, easy-to-understand post reports, and accurate comparisons. This enables the company to deliver the best posts only and demolish the competition effortlessly.

Company Information

Company Name: José Enrique Martorano

Founded In: 2016

Twitter ID: SocialGestApp

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