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Sociamonials is a social media marketing, social management and engagement platform for B2B and content markers. It is an all in one toll with social publishing features which allows interaction with their audiences on different platforms. It is robust for large businesses. It allows us to measure revenue and leads around all social media platforms.

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Sociamonials Quick Info

Businesses all over the world try to mass a large empire and target audiences across borders. Customers are willing to pay any price for a quality product. The audience should know about the various products available in the market. Advertising about the product so that a large number of people get to know about it increases the chances of success. For this, one must have access to all customers. This is possible through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. These social media posts allow the public to find new content. A social media marketing platform enables this. One such platform is Sociamonials.


Sociamonials is a user-friendly application. It has many innovative features. It allows you to view how your post will look on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn tailoring the post for each network. It allows you to set up your schedule and posts content that doesn't go out of date. It is linked with Instagram so you can post videos and photos and stories directly on it. it allows you to launch social campaigns. It has a fraud prevention system. It looks for suspicious activity, duplicate votes, and referrals. It permits photo and video sharing. It allows you to approve user-generated content , thus ensuring brand safety.


Sociamonials is a platform that serves entrepreneurs and large businesses. Depending on the subscription plan, Sociamonials allow access to 200 social media accounts, thus allowing the companies with multiple brands to bring together all of their accounts. It has the feature of customized post publishing. It allows the users to choose when they want to publish a post. To customize their campaign designs, email notifications, and submission forms, there is a provision called the WYSISYG editor for users. Sociamonials monitor interactions with links shared. With interactive charts and graphs provided by Sociamonials, users can better understand the reports.

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Sociamonials has a feature os sharing buttons. It allows for easy insight into top advocates. It reports for revenue for each share button. There is a leaderboard to view top advocates at a glance. The current share button navigates visitors to social media pages.

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